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Fenix Arrives at the First Emergency Preparedness Store in Oklahoma

Publish Time:2014-04-02

Homestand Preparation Station, the first emergency preparedness storeof its kind, has recently opened inOklahoma. As an outstanding lighting brand famous for its high performance and high reliability, Fenix is honored to gain its entrance to this store.

Homestand Preparation Stationcarries survival kits and other tools to help people get ready for the next major natural disaster or more common everyday emergencies. As one-stop shop, this 2,384-square-foot retail store sells common emergency items, such as flashlights, weather radios, camping gear, water filters, hand-crank and solar-powered chargers, medical kits, and multi-tasking emergency tools.

Homestand was founded by a group of local investors in the wake of the spate of tornadoes that hit the state in May 2013. The shop also will offer workshops to educate the public on emergency preparedness.Homestead’s mission is to help Oklahomans prepare their homes and family quickly and efficiently.

With the highly-reliable lighting tools, Fenix has always gained good word-of-mouth in the market. Fenix lighting gears, featuring high output, long runtime, waterproofness, are the best choice foremergency preparedness. There are 14 models of Fenix lights distributed in Homestand at present.

It is a great recognition for Fenix to enter into Homestand Preparation Station. Fenix will continue to provide lighting gears with outstanding performance and high reliability to help people make preparation for self-rescue during emergency situations and disasters.

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