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Fenix Product Experience Chapter 2 - Never Thought about the Possibilities

Publish Time:2018-09-07

The story of Fenix and Gongga Mountain stopped there when the airplane slammed into the air. The nine-day product experience from August 18th to 26th is like a dream, but it is deeply lingering, every day, like a movie, repeated in the mind of everyone who was there.


First Day

Arriving at Chengdu

When this group of Fenix people who struggled in Shenzhen landed in Chengdu, everything was like being breezy. A patchwork of buildings, you can see the flower house in the distant roof, the road was not very crowded, kinds of shops and snack bars. The beginning of such a leisurely atmosphere made us mistakenly think that this would be a comfortable product experience.

Chengdu City


Second Day

Set out to Tibet

Get up very early, we went up to Kangding City in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture after nearly six hours of bus, at an altitude of 3,070 meters.

Group photo in front of the Tibetan homestay


In the evening, singing a Kangding love song, we walked on the mountain road, just like the college days - leisure and carefree.

After the walking, we all returned to the yard one after another. We enjoyed a long table meal in the courtyard with the distant white snow, blue sky and white clouds. We were like a big family.


It was a movie night then. The guide used the tent as a curtain to show us the documentary of the mountaineer A Zuo, who once conquered Gongga Mountain. We wore cotton jackets, holding vacuum cups, sitting on the small bench to marvel at their bravery, and proud of the Fenix headlamps, which played a leading role in lighting them all the way.

Chengdu - kangding - Laoyulin


Third Day

Sense of Altitude Sickness

Group photo before hiking officially began


From this day on, the ease and the "idyllic scenery" vanished, and the communication signal was gone as well. The Tibetan house was not quiet since daybreak, people got up and prepared breakfast, packed a day's living materials, packed up the luggage...

Packaging before hiking


After the day was completely bright, we officially began our mountain hiking.


We walked about 23 kilometers and climbed more than 1,000 meters. When I arrived at the camp, everyone was tired out. Outside the tens was the cold mountains and rivers, inside the tent there were companions fighting against altitude sickness, coldness and exhaustion. But everyone was touched and warmed by the ginger tea which handed up by the early arrival.

Camping along the river side


The dishes were extremely tasty after the exhausting hiking


Because of the high-altitude climbing and the long distance walking, this night was destined to be tough and painful. Most of the members tossed and turned over and over again because of altitude sickness.


Suffering from serious altitude sickness

Laoyulin - Xiariwuqie camping site


Fourth Day

To go or not to go, that is a question

Group photo before hiking on the fourth day


The campsite in the morning


The sleep time inside the tent has never been comfortable. Most people had poor mentality during breakfast. Fenix sponsored athlete Han Zijun (the first Chinese woman in climbing to the summit of Mount Everest at north and south slopes) suggested that the members who struggled too hard in altitude sickness could think about to turn back , and the CEO and president of Fenix also cared whether the members should retreat separately.

Fenix CEO Mr. Vincent was caring about people’s physical situation


Fenix Board Director Mr. Karass, Han Zijun, Fenix CEO Mr. Vincent, the guide


Measuring blood oxygen, preparing hot water, helping to pack luggage, most of the members have already started hiking when some of them still did the preparation work. Many early started people thought that the later ones may have already withdrawn to Kangding and then turned back to Shenzhen. Until in the bealock of Riwuqie, we saw a few familiar figures in the distance. They didn't go back!


No one was left behind, no one retreated, it was fantastic!

Climbing over the bealock

Xiariwuqie campsite - Riwuqie bealock - Moxigou campsite


Fifth Day

Mud road along the cliff

Group photo before hiking on the fifth day


A sudden hail attacked in the middle of Riwuqie bealock, we thought that as soon as we turned over the nearly 70-degree vertical bealock, it would be a bright sunny day. As a result, there was a day of heavy rain, and everyone went on in the mud road with hunger, we walked for more than ten kilometers, and all the pants and shoes were wet and everything seemed messy.

The temporary sunshine on the fourth day allowed us to take some photos


Everyone hoped that today would be a sunny day, to dry the wet shoes and clothes. However, Gongga Mountain seemed to be determined not to cooperate. The muddy land that was not dried yesterday was mixed with rain again, and it was not dry all day. Mountains were connected by streams, so after climbing a mountain, you need to cross a small stream.


The first team arrived at Gongga Temple at 3pm while the last one Mrs. Lei, arrived at around 6pm. From the first day of hiking, Mrs. Lei was fighting against altitude sickness, even though she was the last to arrive at the campsite, she never gave up.

Mrs. Lei arrived at Gongga temple


The penultimate one who arrived at the temple was me, because the tight shoes I walked barefoot in the mud this whole day. The way how I walked through a dozen kilometers has not been very clear, but I still remembered my team guide was waiting for me at the gate of the temple. My considerate companions were busy with taking slippers and taking off raincoat for me, I was surrounded by hot water, heating pads, I was so touched.

Took off the worn socks in front of the Gongga Temple


Gongga Temple

Moxigou campsite - Gongga temple


Sixth Day

Game time - Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

Group photo in Zimei Bealock


Group photo in from of the Tibetan homestay


The itinerary after the Gongga Temple was easy and enjoyable. Everyone seemed to begin celebrating the oncoming end of this arduous journey, we played games in the homestay in Zimei village, took numerous photos since the long-awaited sunshine finally showed up, delicious hot pot lingered on......

Happy gaming time


Playing with the cute goat


Jumping high because of excitement


Proceeding to Bawang Sea


Taking photos of beautiful secenary


Ecstatic BBQ time


We got together like a big family. Everyone helped each other, everyone was encouraged.







Gongga Temple - Chengdu


Tenth Day

Time to say goodbye

Back to Honglang North Subway Station


The familiar Cantonese subway broadcast voice suddenly broke into the ear, and the first week after the Gongga trip began. Everyone returned to their respective positions. On the surface, everyone seemed to be suntanned a little, but I know that more changes were inside everyone’s heart, the feelings for themselves, for colleagues, for the company and for the outdoors are totally sublimated.


We will see you again

Lighting for extremes

Never think about stopping!

The last group photo in Gongga

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