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2019 SHOT Show: New Start, New Fenix and New You

Publish Time:2019-02-20

For Chinese people, gun has always been a mysterious and unexplored object! But the attempt for exploration has never ceased. That’s the reason why more and more Chinese people know well of this shooting feast.

Guns display on site

SHOT Show is no longer a stranger to those who keep an eye on outdoor industry. The full name of the SHOT Show is the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference, with SHOT being the acronym. From its beginnings in St. Louis in 1979, as the world largest shooting and outdoor trade show, it is a must-attend event for lovers of and professionals in firearms, shooting, hunting and outdoor industries.

Fenix invitation letter (Show time: Jan.22 - 25)

From January 22 - 25, SHOT Show 2019 opened as scheduled in the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. 2019, is the 10th year anniversary for Fenix, after a year of brand innovation and precipitation, Fenix confidently attends this grand outdoor trade feast .

 Fenix booth

Fenix will definitely not give up a chance of showing and displaying Fenix’s products at this grand shooting, hunting and outdoor trade feast. Year after year, Fenix has its booth expanded and progressed. This year, tactical and hunting elements are focused, Fenix does not only have a well-designed exhibition booth, it even has a grand reception room. At this show which used to be dominated by European and American brands, Fenix has grown in space but also in confidence of its products.

The on-site view of the Fenix booth

Fenix staff are passionately introducing products to the visitors

The media people are taking pictures of Fenix products

Here at the very beginning of 2019, everybody is mostly interested about what new Fenix products are on display at this grand event. Let’s see what are unveiled on site. For this themed exhibition Fenix has prepared new and popular products for fans of military and hunting.

HM65R - dual lighting sources reliable magnesium and aluminum headlamp

Patented segmental regulated circuit - constant brightness and extended runtime. 

Magnesium and aluminum alloy - light weight for convenient carry. 

1400 lumens output - clearer vision. 

A 18650 / 2 CR123A batteries - meet the needs of hiking & climbing. 

Dual separate switches - easy and fast operation on spot and floodlights. 

Blue battery level indicator - get well-prepared for plans and activities. 

Type-C interface, 1.5A high current charging.

This headlamp is anticipated to be seen by many European and American media editors.

American Recoil Offgrid magazine propagandizes on its official social media

TK09 TAC - Tactical flashlight features rapid operation


Patented two-section tactical switch - convenient for tactical and functional switching 

Rotary operation - easy and fast for mode and output selection 

Tough strike bezel - for defense and rescue

TK25R&B - Tri-colored hunting flashlight

Patented technique of rotary mode selection switching 

Patented dual lighting modes 

Patented tactical dual tail switches 

White, red and blue light sources 

Free switching between white, red and blue lights

In addition to the abovementioned models, Fenix has exhibited many other classic and popular products as well: the tough and powerful TK series, portable and high-performance PD series and so on. Numerous professional hunters and gun enthusiasts are lingering at the Fenix booth, many of them even say to the Fenix staff: I will come again tomorrow.


Fenix booth: on-site visitors

Fenix SHOT Show Appreciation Banquet for Global Distributors

After the exhibition, Fenix held an appreciation banquet for global distributors to express sincere gratitude. Due to the restrictions to time and region, there is no way to gather all distributors of various countries, but Fenix sincerely thank you for all partner's support! Long-term cooperation is based on sincerity, it is believed to us that the way to success is to be grateful for each other’s effort, thus we all will take a win-win road!

Each time when we look back on the road that Fenix has traveled, stumbled on and failed along this whole journey, we feel grateful, but we continue steadfastly and in the end we succeeded in being recognized as an international lighting brand. We owe all of this to our Fenix family, without whom Fenix wouldn’t have accomplished this. In future, let’s pool our efforts together to chase after an even higher goal. We will never stop chasing for the No.1 target and “lighting for extremes”.

Please stay tuned for more wonderful news from Fenix at the very beginning of 2019.


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