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PD36R Global Reviewer Recruitment

Publish Time:2019-09-10

1. Campaign Introduction

Once released, the Fenix PD36R, an USB Type-C rechargeable tactical flashlight has won praises from numerous tactical flashlight enthusiasts owing to its attractive appearance and outstanding performance. To help us improve the experience for users and customers, Fenix is contacting users and customers who may be interested in this product and this global reviewing campaign. The selected reviewers will each be sent a Fenix PD36R flashlight for free. We are looking forward to your support and active participation.


 2. Product Introduction


The PD36R is an ultra-compact flashlight with a powerful USB Type-C charging port. Driven by a long-lasting 21700/5000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, the light emits a max output of 1600 lumens and 283 meters. Dual switches control five output levels and strobe for easy and fast operation. Additional features include battery level indicator, smart output memory and two-position body clip, all which enhance daily usage in outdoor activities and tactical applications. 

  • 1600 maximum lumens output and 283 meters beam distance.  
  • Powered by a high-capacity 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)  
  • 4-hour fast charging with 5V/3A USB Type-C charging port.   
  • Instant power activation with momentary tactical tail switch. 
  • Simple output selection with side switch. 
  • Two-way body clip for different lighting demands. 
  • Boot-up battery level indication and low-voltage warning. 
  • 5-hour usage a day, 23 days long-lasted.


3. Campaign Declaration

3.1 A total of 14 qualified participants will be selected worldwide. Fenix will send a PD36R flashlight for free to the selected 14 participants. After receiving the flashlight, they need to test it and publish the reviews on relevant media according to Fenix's requirements.

3.2 Afterwards, excellent reviewers can become Fenix long-term product experiencers. They will have the priority to the latest Fenix products evaluation.

3.3 The mailing fees for the products will be paid by Fenix.


4. Requirements

4.1 From the reviewers

4.1.1 Anyone who knows well about outdoor flashlights;

4.1.2 Anyone who has their own original opinions and rich experience in outdoor equipments review, and profound understanding about outdoor equipments;

4.1.3 Anyone who has their own media platform or cooperated platforms;

4.1.4 Reviewers shall publish the report within 30 days after receiving the product, and send the relevant link to Fenix by email for our reference. Reviewers shall post their test reports on one or more relevant media, such as websites for outdoors, equipments, flashlights, photography, magazines and newspapers, etc.

4.1.5 The received PD36R is applied for product reviewing ONLY, it is forbidden to resell.

4.1.6 Ensure the authenticity of the application information, and comply with Fenix evaluation requirements, to finish this product review in objective and rigorous attitude. Or Fenix preserves the right to recall the product.


4.2 From the reviews

The reviewing work shall be presented by one or two forms as follows:

4.2.1 Text description and images presentation (at least 500 words and 5 pictures)

4.2.2 Videos (no less than 3 minutes)

4.2.3 Comics, length and style are not limited, while the performance of PD36R shall be reflected.


5. Reviewer Application

5.1 Application period: September 10 to 24, 2019

5.2 Application address


A. Click the link -

B. Fill out the Questionnaire and Submit


A. Click the link -

B. Fill out the Questionnaire and Submit


6. Announcement of the qualified reviewers’ list

6.1 Time: September 27, 2019

6.2 Announcement address


A.Fenix official website (

B.@Fenixlight Facebook


A.Fenix official website (

B.@Fenix official Weibo

C.@Fenix official WeChat


7. Notice

7.1 Fenix will contact selected reviewers by email. If no reply is received within seven working days after sending out of emails, we'll regard it as you giving up this chance of testing the Fenix product.

7.2 It is preliminarily decided that the PD36R flashlight will be sent out in late September, 2019 (depending on the shipment condition).

7.3 Reviewers shall publish the report within 30 days after receiving the product, and shall post their test reports on one or more relevant media. If the review is not finished within the specified time, Fenix has the right to request to return the product.

7.4 Fenix reserves the rights of using the reviewing reports submitted by reviewers (articles, pictures, videos and comics) related to PD36R flashlight.

7.5 Fill out the Feedback Form after publishing of the reviewing report.

7.6 Fenix reserves the rights of final interpretation of this reviewing campaign.


8. Reviewer Announcement



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