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Winners list of Fenix 2019 Global Customer Satisfaction Survey

Publish Time:2019-12-16

Dear Fenix customers,

Thank you all for participating in Fenix Global Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2019. Here is the Winners List of this Survey:


The First Prize 3 Winners(Awards:Fenix LR40R Flashlight)
Name Country/Region E-mail Address
Pavel M*** Russia m***
Oliver L*** Germany kontakt@oliver***.de
Richard W C*** USA rwc***
The Second Prize 4 Winners(Awards:Fenix TK35UE Flashlight)
Name Country/Region E-mail Address
Brian *** USA ***
Christoph Switzerland hu***
Reinier Netherlands reinier.***
John Cooper USA ***
The Third Prize 6 Winners(Awards:PD36R Flashlight) 
Name Country/Region E-mail Address
Jonathan *** England Jonathan****
Wald***  USA wal***
Yuuya *** Japan y.***
Martin **** Czech martin***
Michael *** USA ****
Niels *** Canada niel****
The Special Prize 15 Winners(Awards:Fenix HL18R Headlamp )
Name Country/Region E-mail Address
Richard *** USA ***
Mariusz *** Poland ***
Ralph *** United Kingdom Ralphr***
Justin *** Canada jcse***
Kirkland *** USA wolf***
chris *** USA cbog***@com***.net
Brian *** USA  shif***
John *** Malaysia zhi***
Christoph *** Germany cw***@t***.de
Alaine *** Philippines alaine***
Yves *** Belgium yves***
Martin *** Czechia m.***
Mohamed *** Australia moe***
Helmut *** Germany hvd***@t***.de
Sergey *** Ukraine ser***

All your suggestions on Fenix products and services in this survey will be highly appreciated by Fenix, and we'll keep on going and produce more excellent products for you.

We will inform all the winners by e-mail via & before Dec 12th, 2019, and all the winners should confirm all info in our e-mail before Dec 27th, 2019. Those who don't confirm our e-mail before the deadline (Dec 27th, 2019) will be considered as giving up the award voluntarily.

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