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Fenix 2015 Global Customer Satisfaction Survey

Publish Time:2016-01-05

Dear customers

Thank you very much for your substantial support and trust for Fenix in the past year. In order to further understand your evaluation for Fenix products and services, we are now conducting a customer satisfaction survey. Any valuable ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated and they will be of great help for our future products development and services improvement.

In order to appreciate your participation, we will make a lucky draw for you. The rules are as follows:


1.The awards settings:

The first prize: 3 customers (Award: TK35 2015 Flashlight)

The second prize: 4 customers (Award: PD35TAC Flashlight)

The third prize: 6 customers (Award: E20 2015 Flashlight)

Special prize: 35 customers (Award: CL05 LipLight )


2. Way of the lucky draw: Random drawing


3. Way of participation: click the following link to enter into Fenix online questionnaire system and fill it out


4. Deadline of the survey and the time of winner list release:

Deadline of the survey is Feb, 15th, 2016.

The winner list will be released on Fenix official website ( on Feb 29th, 2016.


5. Time of the awards release: from March 15th, 2016.


Special notes:

1) Fenix will inform the winners by email when the winner list is released. The winners should confirm the mailing address by email before March 14th, 2016. Those who don’t meet the deadline will be considered as giving up the award voluntarily; Everyone only has one chance of winning.

2)The personal information that the survey collected is only for research, we will not release it to the public in any way. Those advice and results that we received from the survey will be owned by Fenix, and Fenix reserves the right of final explanation.


Fenixlight Limited

                                                                                                                                                                      January 5th, 2016

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