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This Time Fenix Is Not Gonna Keep Low Profile——See How Fenix Products Win These ISPO AWARDS

Publish Time:2016-01-26

The beginning of Fenix 2016 is bound to be extraordinary. Fenix all is still immersed in the happy party of SHOT Show. Here comes the good news from ISPO MUNICH. Two of the Fenix camping lantern CL25R and headlamp HL10 2016 both have won ISPO awards, HL10 wins ISPO AWARD WINNER and camping lantern CL25R even wins GOLD WINNER.


Fenix Representative Standing Again on International Arena of the Neue Messe München


This is the fourth time that Fenix stands on the podium of the Neue Messe München. Since 2013 Fenix made its first appearance in ISPO MUNICH, it has continuously gained great achievement in the ISPO AWARD. All these awards fully embodies that Fenix takes users’ experience first and pursues innovative outdoor sport lighting. Such as: bike light BT20 of 2013-14, flashlight PD12 of 2014-15, GOLD WINNER bike light BC30R and ISPO AWARD WINNER camping lantern CL20 of 2015-16, then this year GOLD WINNER camping lantern CL25R and ISPO AWARD WINNER headlamp HL10. Likewise, the consideration and innovation lay the foundation for making Fenix the national brand, stand still in the international competition and even get stronger. Also it is believed that Fenix will shine in larger international stage if only it is devoted to the users and that perseverance.

                       Fenix Camping Lantern CL25R in ISPO MUNICH

                 CL25R Wins ISPO AWARD WINNER and GOLD WINNER (ASIA)

          All Awarded Brands Take a Group Photo in the Podium of ISPO AWARD

      The Fourth Time That Fenix Stands in the Podium of the Neue Messe München

Fenix Explores the European Market Mightier and Reveals Brand-new Looks

On January 1st of 2016, the Fenix German Branch officially starts operation, which counts strategic significance of Fenix. While this is the first ISPO MUNICH since the Fenix German Branch starts operation, surely a good start is determined to win. This time the Fenix booth displays brand-new style which is attractive to the exhibitors. The spectacular scene strengthens the confidence in the expansion of Fenix European market.

                                         Fenix Brand-new Booth Style

             The Guests are Taking a Look at the Displayed New Fenix Products

                 The Fenix Staff is Making Explanation to the Customers

2016, Fenix Made a Good Start, Please Stay Tuned to Coming Fabulous Presentation

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