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Fenix Takes Its Lately Released Products Attends the Eleventh Asia Outdoor Trade Show

Publish Time:2016-07-12

On 30th, June, 2016, the eleventh Asia Outdoor Trade Show is officially opened at the Nanjing International Expo Center. As a information collector of sports equipment at the forefront, Asia Outdoor Trade Show again announces the annual commencement of the outdoor industry zone. As a leading brand of outdoor sports, Fenix certainly get fully prepared with versatile newly released products.


Fenix Light Made the Grand Debut Which Surely Be Eye-catching

Fenix has appeared in the Asia Outdoor Trade Show for many years, this time the unique style makes its extraordinary scene in the Hall 4 Zone 2500. A comprehensive product line of outdoor lighting products become the focus of interviewers and the visitors. Thanks to the simple but thoughtful design of the exhibition hall, the overall enterprise and the brand image has perfectly presented by highlighting the brilliant performance and reliable quality of the products in all-round ways

The Fenix President Mr.Cen is Engaged in The Media Interview

As to the new product, Fenix has prepared Fenix TK15UE, which designed for severe outdoor environments and tactical fields, then there comes the new generation of underwater sports flashlight SD20. Besides, the recently released camping lantern CL30R make all the visitors eyes pop for its versatile capability in USB charging and discharging, which will surely be the must-have in the camping activities especially for teams and families. Last but not the least, the visitors won’t miss this star product: HL10 (2016), who has won the ISPO Global Product. It is compact but it is a double-dealer, place it in the cradle as headlamp or take it as an EDC flashlight, as you like it.

All in all, Fenix has got used to being surrounded by the customers and visitors, who keep asking questions about those brilliant new products.

Watch out! Here comes Bison Who Makes the Four Brands Family

Except Fenix lights, this time Fenix has other three family brands get together at the exhibition at the very first time. They are the knife brand RUIKE, the world-renowned military backpack brand Tasmanian Tiger, and the Bison, the German TATONKA, make its debut in China, thus the four subordinated brands of Langheng limited has gathered together for the first time.

Complementing its world-renowned, superior quality flashlight line, Fenixlight is proud to announce that it has become the exclusive brand agent for RUIKE outdoor knives. In the spirit of Fenix, RUIKE is committed to providing a superior quality product that is in touch with its customer base. Formed with high-grade stainless steel, RUIKR knives feature large blade, stainless pocket clip and tungsten steel breaking cone, all these detailed designs make you have the reason to take the RUIKE knives along every day.

Moreover, the strongly favored backpack brand Tasmanian Tiger also have feasted the military fans on combat backpacks, TT shoulder bags and lightweight tactical backpacks.

In addition, another exciting news is that there comes the Bison, the German TATONKA backpack. At the time of 15th Anniversary of Langheng foundation, the authorized cooperation agreement has been established with German TATONKA, which is world-renowned as the professional outdoor backpack brand. Since then, Langheng Limited becomes the official agent of TATONKA. On 30th, June, TATONKA made its debut in the Eleventh Asia Outdoor Trade Show, and in the afternoon, the listing conference which themed “Nature, Freedom, Strength and Wilderness” has been held. Upholding the 20 years of the brand development, now there already formed six product lines of the outdoor backpack which are Trekking, Alpine, Hiking, Traveling, Kids& Family, Everyday &

Business Life. TATONKA changes the old tedious color blending to bright and trendy. And the innovative carrying systems specially designed for female and teenagers are definitely liked.



In the conference, the market manager Mrs. You has introduced several products that strongly favored by the customers, such as the Yukon 60 (Trekking backpack), Skill (Technique backpack), and the Fischerstuhl (Multi-function Folding chair backpack.) And Mrs. You even talked these backpack in details. The Yukon 60, Tatonka’s trekking classic, the front opening covers three dimensions, greatly aiding packing, while two-way zips offer easy access through the sides at any time. The proven V2 carrying system provides the perfect fit with very high carrying comfort. Skill, awarded by the European Outdoor Product, is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates a really well ventilated and extremely lightweight hiking backpack: the X-Vent Zero back system dispenses with the conventional mesh construction, reducing back contact to the minimum without affecting carrying comfort. Air permeable material was also used for the shoulder and hip straps. And the well-fitting features of this slender front-loader appeal just as much as its expressive design. And the Fischerstuhl (Multi-function Folding chair backpack), rucksack and seat in one. With the wide base compartment it's even safe and secure when standing on uneven surfaces. The sensible division of the front pocket is ideal for storing bait, lines, hooks and other fishing utensils neatly for easy access.




Constantly Fenix enriches the product lines, and the comprehensive competitiveness has continuously improved which loved by the customers and visitors. And the RUIKE knife, Tasmanian Tiger, TATONKA are also highly praised by all the customers thanks to the innovative design, exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality.

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