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Fenix 15th Anniversary Global Online Game—I Love My Fenix

Publish Time:2016-08-05

Dear Fenix fans:

The Fenix 15th anniversary is approaching, so we are holding an interesting and memorable competition to express our gratitude for your substantial trust and support over the past years. To celebrate this, we’ll be giving away some Fenix customized flashlights- the commemorative limited edition F15!


Way of participation:

Option A: Take a group picture of your Fenix product/s and a local landmark. The local city name and the country name should be marked. One picture will be enough.

Such as the following landmarks:

Harvard University

②The Rocky Mountains

  Mt. Fuji

Option B: Two pictures, one of the actual usage scenario and the environment around where your Fenix product/s is used, such as camping, running, fishing or cycling, and another close-up picture of the Fenix product/s being used. The local city name and the country name should also be marked.


For example:


After the competition Fenix will choose the 30 best photos as winners, and the Fenix F15 anniversary flashlight will be rewarded to the lucky winners. What’s more, some of the most excellent pictures taken will be selected to be displayed on the picture wall of the new company showroom being built to commemorate the founding and success of Fenix, as well as on the homepage of our official website. (


The awards:

30winners-30 Fenix F15 flashlight (Globally)

Way of submission:

Please use your own name when submitting your pictures, and attach them in an email titled: ”I Love My Fenix” to


Deadline for submission and announcement of winners:

The DEADLINE for submission is Aug 31st 2016, 18:00pm UTC+8.

The winners will be announced on the Fenix official website ( on Sept 8th, 2016.


Time of release of the prizes:                                                     

From early Oct, 2016


Special reminder:

   Please choose only one of the options mentioned.

   Fenix will inform the winners by email when the winner list is released. The winners should confirm the mailing address by email before Sept 30th, 2016. Entries received after the closing date will not be considered, and only one entry per person will be accepted.

   Fenix has the right to use the participants’ articles, pictures and videos, etc. for free.

  The rules of the competition are binding and no correspondence will be entered into after the winners are announced.

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