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Never Stop Shining! Fenix 15th Anniversary Distributors Meeting and 2016-2017 New Product Release Meeting Came to a Successful Close

Publish Time:2016-09-13

On 22nd, August, the Fenix Distributor and New Product Release Conference was successfully held in the Shenzhen Grand Skylight Hotel. Fenix’s outstanding distributors and representatives from around the world, outdoor professionals and suppliers all gathered together to share this meaningful and extraordinary event - to review the growth process of the Fenix brand, to experience the announcement of new products and communicate with friends from home and abroad.




At 8:00 am the distributors, suppliers and outdoor professionals entered the conference hall



From left to right: President Vincent Cen, shareholder Alucard Cen, Chairman Karrass Su and shareholder Jim Yang

At 9:00AM, after a short welcome to the Fenix distributors, suppliers and the outdoor professionals, the conference officially commenced after the four members of the board of directors pressed the start button. First of all, the Fenix Chairman, Karrass Su, refreshed memories on the history of how the Fenix brand was created. After that the Fenix president, Vincent Cen, made a special speech about the theme of Never Stop Shining -a review and the prospects of Fenix, and right after that, the Fenix F15 and other new products made their debut. The conference hall was filled with joy and harmony while all the distributors and outdoor professionals shared in the joy of the announcement of the welcome new products.



Reviewing the struggling history that changed into a glorious future】

Starting up a business burdens too much hardship. Chairman Su told us that his idea of starting up a business, is owed to his retirement by his former employer. So this brave newborn calf decided to start his own career together with shareholders Jim Yang and Alucard Cen. At the very beginning they operated online shops that sold outdoor sport products. Then in 2005, the birth of Fenix L1+ strengthened the resolution of Chairman Su and his partners to develop a self-supporting brand and to focus on exquisite products.


It turns out that Fenix exactly fulfilled its promise of only producing quality products. Undergoing ten years of evolution, it has become the leading brand in the world of outdoor sport. We owe this achievement to the founders’ persistent input and unyielding study. The founders of Fenix also perfectly explained that the diligent spirit in gaining your goals is what really matters. At the end of the Chairman’s speech, he expressed his sincere gratitude to all the distributors and Fenix staff who have stayed with the company for such a long time.

Review and Prospect of Fenix】

Since the successful creation of Fenix L1+, we never stopped increasing the pace, and in the blink of an eye, Fenix turned 15 years old - 15 years of a colorful journey that Fenix went through, but also filled with twists and turns. Vincent Cen shared his profound feelings:


In 2005, the whole world was shocked by the appearance of L1+, which created a new era of single AA flashlight with super high quality and output, and attracted the attention of the New York Times. Subsequently, the mass produced version L1+ was highly praised as “The Flashlight of 2005” by many users, media, and even other flashlight manufacturers. Fenix also struggled between OEM production and self-owned brand, but the strategy to focus on the Fenix brand was established soon. In 2008, we finished the brand registration in China, and now the Fenix brand has its footprint stamped in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. In 2011, Fenix became a famous trademark in Guangdong province. In 2012, Shenzhen Fenixlight Limited was rated as National High-tech Enterprise, and since then Fenix has been leading the whole industry in China, and gradually started playing the leading role worldwide in the lighting industry.


The path to success is always zigzag, but Fenix made it in the end by its continuous innovation, outstanding performance, reliable quality and excellent service. Reviewing the past 15 years, Fenix has gained amazing achievements, and also made great endeavors to product line expansion. Starting from the flashlight, we gradually added headlamp, bike light, camping lantern and other accessories. Thus there is no doubt that Fenix has become the lighting brand with the most complete product line.


The sales network system is spread over more than 100 countries and regions; a global sales network has taken shape;


At the same time, the Fenix brand and Fenix products are highly recognized by more and more international authoritative institutions;


Fenix frequently appears in different international industrial media pages;


Fenix participates in various global exhibitions around the world with a more professional attitude;


Fenix products are favored by more and more professionals.


Fenix users love Fenix products


Recalling the glorious past is to show the recognition, which is the motivation for further improvement and development. Surely we all realize that the overall achievement comes from the diligent effort of the staff, the complete trust of the distributor and even from technique creation, as well as from strict quality control and management. Vincent also explained the structure of the testing laboratory, production workshop and the self-management of the key manufacturing process in detail, thus all guests who attended gained a more profound understanding of the Fenix manufacturing process.

Summarizing and reminiscing about the past, gives us a clearer blueprint in our minds for the future. Vincent explained to us, looking into the future, Fenix has a lot of dreams and achievements to be chased and obtained - to satisfy users’ demands, increase product innovation and improve product competitiveness, find innovative ways to promote the brand, strengthen communication and interaction with consumers, and improve the Fenix brand influence. As the brand owner and the product manufacturer, Fenix is always devoted to providing premium service to the distributors, retailers and consumers. In future, Fenix will aim to make our service more localized, professional and standard, to maximize product value through product combination and reasonable price fixing, to realize win-win cooperation in the long run through close cooperation and value sharing with the distributors. Fenix will input more resources to support distributors in market expansion of the Fenix brand, so as to assist them in their business development.

After the Vincent’s speech, the conference hall resounded with the thunder of applause.

【Remarkable Presentation of New Products】

Thanks to the 15 years of cultivation, Fenix brand has come to a brand new development stage. But from beginning to end, product and performance must come first. After the speech, Vincent led us to the most exciting part of the meeting: new product release. Vincent made detailed introductions to 8 newly released products. They are: first dual-purpose flashlight, the TK47;micro-USB rechargeable tactical flashlight, theTK20R;a rechargeable flashlight with super high performance, the PD40R; rotary focusing flashlight with dual reflection cup – the FD30; lightweight running headlamp, the HL15;micro-USB rechargeable cross-country running headlamp, the HL26R, and the commemorative flashlight for Fenix 15thbirthday anniversary celebration, the Fenix F15, all of which made the attending guests feel the Fenix spirit of innovation. All the distributors spoke highly of those new products, and re-established their commitment of long-term cooperation with Fenix in future. They have faith in the Fenix brand, team and spirit.










The distributors and outdoor professionals trying the new products

To learn is to share, to share is to learn】

As the leading brand of outdoor sport lighting tools, what Fenix values most is the cooperation and interaction with distributors and outdoor professionals. Fenix couldn’t ever win such a solid market position if it were not for their strong support and valuable suggestions.

Fenix was really honored to have so many distributors at home and abroad, and outdoor professionals, that attended this grand meeting. They were all willing to share their stories of growth with Fenix brand and their achievements, and they also generously shared their opinions on further development, while also entertaining us with stories of their adventurous outdoors.

*Distributor Sharing

At 2:00 PM the meeting was punctually started, with the distributors from Germany, Finland, Ukraine, Middle East and China actively sharing their stories. The distributor from Saudi Arabia said that he is a fan of hunting, camping and flashlight. He immediately fell in love with Fenix PD20 and Fenix TK40 when he first handled them, and since then he has been a fan of Fenix, so to choose Fenix is not surprising. During his six-year cooperative period, his company has made great success, based on great products and support from Fenix, as well as excellent marketing and after sales service from his own company.


The distributor from Germany told us how he became fascinated when he was still in college, and the cooperative journey with Fenix since 2005. The distributors from Finland, a team of brothers, shared their story, explaining their marketing ideas locally to promote Fenix products. Although the Ukraine distributor had just come back from the Rio 2016 Olympics as a fencer, he was prepared to share his success in promoting Fenix to be the No.1 brand in his country, and also successfully opened branches in other countries. You can even find Fenix products in the Ukraine gas stations, he jokingly told the audience (they have a local gas company with the name of Fenix). The distributor from Beijing largely based his speech on data of the geometric growth he experienced since starting to cooperate with Fenix. He spoke highly of Fenix brand and products, and he also shared some personal experience in online sales and marketing.

We believe that this sharing of valuable advice and practical suggestions from personal experience, is the most precious resource for Fenix, as well as for all the distributors to assist with market expansion. This time the global distributor sharing meeting was not just a gathering, it was a platform that allowed mutual learning and communication.

*Outdoor Professionals Sharing 

During the long-term establishment and development of the Fenix brand, outdoor professionals have always played a part. Fenix paid close attention to their demands for outdoor lighting tools, and will continue to do so. Here are some of their stories as shared with the audience:

The first representative was Mr. Sun Bin, who is the president of the Beijing Summit Outdoor School, and a famous mountaineering coach. In 2006-2008, Sun worked in the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, being responsible for the Mount Everest Torch Relay project. With 17 years of experience in organizing of climbing and mountaineering, Sun is the designer and coach in charge of China rock climbing, ice climbing and a mountain guide.

Mr. Sun Bin said he got to know that many enthusiasts of outdoor climbing activities are hurt or even die because of a lack of professional knowledge and skills. Since 2012, Beijing Summit Outdoor School began its journey of public service training; and up to now the training has covered students’ association, club leaders and the local residents from Mount Siguniang. In his sharing speech, Sun drummed in the importance of safety. Meanwhile, Sun expressed that the sponsored Fenix headlamps, camping lanterns and flashlights are desperately needed at outdoors. In future, Sun hope there will be pleasant cooperation with Fenix; in return, he will be very willing to share more advice from his own professional experiences. He believes Fenix is the coolest lighting brand, he said.


The next sharer was Jon Otto (Chinese name: Zengshan), president of the Chengdu Leadclimb Mountaineering and Resource Center, American mountaineer and planner of climbing expedition. He came to China in 1990, after which he successfully conquered many local mountains that were not yet climbed by others, and tried new paths with his partner. At the end of 2012 Zeng founded the Leadclimb Mountaineering and Resource Center together with some excellent coaches. To arouse awareness of protecting the high altitude environment, Zeng launched the public environmental activity called the Mountain Guard in 2013.

Zeng came straight to the point in his speech - you cannot go mountain climbing if you do not have a headlamp! Lighting is an indispensable tool for camping activity. Zeng also showed his high recognition of Fenix, and because of the common concept of reliability and quality, Leadclimb and Fenix have cooperated for years. Fenix has already played a significant part in their outdoor lives, and the whole team relies on Fenix products.




The last sharer was our signed player, Han Zijun (Vivian), a brilliant and beautiful lady who is fond of mountaineering and an outdoor sport enthusiast. Vivian was once a white-collar worker in a well-known foreign company, but she loves the outdoors, loves climbing and loves mountaineering. From 2013 to date she has already climbed seven peaks with heights of 5000-8000 meters. In 2016 she climbed the highest mountain in the world and the highest peak in Europe, the Mount Everest and the Elbrus respectively.


Vivian recalled that her first use of a Fenix product was in July 2014, when she climbed Muztagta Mountain. She successfully made it to the 7200 meters with the help of the Fenix four-proof headlamp HL50. In her later mountaineering to Nepal, she ran into a couple from Germany who also used the Fenix HL50, which made her feel excited and proud. She proudly told the couple that she is a signed player for the Fenix brand. In addition, Vivian shared her experience of having reached the summit of Mount Everest at 8:20am on 20th, May, with the help of Fenix headlamp HL60R. Concluding her speech, Vivian expressed her sincere gratitude to Fenix by presenting the Fenix flag, which accompanied her to the summit of the Mount Everest, to the Fenix Chairman. She said:“Fenix will never stop shining, and I will never stop climbing”!Chairman Su said he hopes that Vivian’s “7+2” climbing dream will come true.





This meaningful sharing session had not only made the distributors learn more about the outdoors, mountaineering, and how Fenix products perform in the harsh outdoor environment, but the outdoor professionals and Fenix itself benefited a lot. They all had witnessed the market capacity of the representative distributors. Distributors and outdoor professionals alike have had their confidence in the Fenix brand firmed, which laid a solid foundation for continuous improvement and further development of the Fenix brand.


With the conclusion of the sharing session, the Fenix 2016 - 2017 New Product Release Conference had come to a successful close. Coinciding with Fenix’s15th Anniversary, Fenix is grateful that every drop of sweat was worthwhile. Henceforth Fenix will head forward with a brand new attitude together with all the distributors. We all believe that Fenix will always fulfill its mission: Never Stop Shining!

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