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Fenix’s Global Halloween 2016 Game

Publish Time:2016-10-24

There are some pumpkins on the loose! Find them and you could be rewarded handsomely!


Until Wednesday 2 Nov 2016, find the 10 pumpkins we have hidden in our website pages. To reward you for finding these pumpkins, we will be giving away some flashlights! How about that? The first three correct entries drawn will each receive one of our TK76 flashlights. The next seven numbers drawn will each receive a LD12 flashlight, and from the remaining numbers, 10 will be drawn who will each receive one of our newly released UC02 keychain lights! Interested? Come on, don’t be a pumpkin, start finding those lost pumpkins!

To enter, simply screenshot the pages where you found ‘em lost pum’kins, and send those to the email address: with the subject: Fenix Halloween 2016. Remember to include your name in your email, otherwise you may not receive your prize if you’re a winner.

Entries should reach us before or on 2 Nov 2016, 18:00 (UTC+8). Entries received after this date will not be considered.

Time of release of prizes:
From second week of November, 2016

Special reminder:
1.    Only one entry per person will be accepted.
2.    The whole page on which the pumpkin is found should be screenshot, whether it is found through PC or mobile phone, and the PC taskbar where the time is shown, must be visible in the screenshot.
3.    Pictures may not be combined from the English and Chinese websites. If you choose to use the Fenix English website version, you have to find 10 pumpkins from there, and the same applies to the Chinese version. No intermixing is allowed.

4.    Pumpkins displayed on the announcement page and banner on the homepage do NOT count toward the total amount.

5.    Sharing is not permitted. If duplicate pictures are found from different participants, those participants will be disqualified.
6.    Each correct entry received by Fenix will be awarded a number, which will be emailed back to the participant. These numbers will be used in the draw which will take place on 3 Nov 2016.
7.    Winners will also be announced on 4 Nov 2016, and will be informed by email after the draw. Winners should confirm their mailing address by email before 11 Nov 2016.
8.    The rules for the competition are binding, and no correspondence will be entered into after announcement of the winners.


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