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Fenix Press release for Shotshow 2017

Publish Time:2017-01-04


                   Company Name: Fenixlight Limited

     Booth Number: 4059


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Forced retirement was what led to the foundation of Fenix. The company chairman, Mr Karrass Su, after having been forced to retire from his job at the time, decided not to let this setback ruin his life, and together with a few shareholders started an online shop that sold outdoor sport products, including flashlights.


Mr Karass Su, chairman of Fenixlight

The Chinese people have a saying: Improvement roots from dissatisfaction, and the establishment of Fenixlight Limited also roots from dissatisfaction. This group of young men, passionate about high quality illumination tools, grew increasingly dissatisfied with the amount of mediocre flashlights available in the market – inferior tools with substandard construction and poor attention to detail. They set out to make world class illumination tools, and sought the help of a group of engineers who could head their machining, electronics and design departments. Together these men founded Fenixlight Limited.

They started experimenting with ideas and available products, and in 2005 rocked the world with the Fenix L1+ flashlight.

The one that started it all, the 2005 LD1+ 

This only strengthened the resolution of the shareholders of developing and focusing on better quality products. Since then Fenix won numerous awards and acclaims with new innovations through the years, not only in the field of flashlights, but also other fields of illuminating tools. That first AA powered flashlight opened up a new era of high quality and high-intensity handheld lights. Fenix actively entered the global markets, and since 2010 Fenix products are being sold in more than 100 countries.