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Report on American SHOT Show: Fenix new product release conference passionately ignites the whole show

Publish Time:2017-02-08

On Jan 17, 2017, the American SHOT Show opened as scheduled in the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Fenix will definitely not give up a chance of showing and displaying Fenix’s products at this grand shooting, hunting and outdoor trade feast, so Fenix made sure to have its own booth (Booth No.: #4059) in the Expo and Convention center as always, to present Fenix’s products and technique to all. What’s more, Fenix held the most eye-catching New Product Release Conference in the Toscana reception room (#3701๶) in the Venetian Hotel.


The Shot show is generally considered a gun or a shooting show, which may mislead many people into thinking that the SHOT show is only about gun-related products. While the full name of the SHOT show is the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference, SHOT is the acronym. Anyway, let’s see what is going on on site.

                                                        Overview of Fenix booth


                                 Fenix on-site staff introducing the new products to the visitors



Fenix New Products Release Conference held as scheduled

On the first day of the SHOT show, an impressive stream of visitors flowed through the Fenix booth, and in the afternoon Fenix held the Fenix 2017 New Products Release Conference in the grand reception room of the Venetian Hotel, which is also gorgeous. Some attendees could still remember with appreciation the banquet Fenix shared with the global distributors last year. This year Fenix again went out of its way to make the experience for distributors and customers alike, a most pleasurable one.

                               Conference room during the new product release meeting


The conference punctually started at 2:00 pm, and distributors, exhibitors and the media people all gathered with high expectations of the upcoming 2017 Fenix products.

                                         Fenix President Vincent giving a speech

The Fenix President, Vincent, opened the meeting with a speech in which he concluded Fenix’s activities of the past year, and outlined further development plans for Fenix. The President said that, in the past year, Fenix gained a sales growth of 30%, which couldn’t have been achieved without the distributors’ support. In future, Fenix will expand its product lines and strive for better prosperity.


Then followed the most exciting part of the meeting - the new products release. The Fenix representative enthusiastically introduced to the distributors, exhibitors and media people the new and key products for 2017. The whole reception room was permeated with an atmosphere of passion and enthusiastic discussion.


                            Fenix staff introducing the 2017 new products









                                                      Fenix staff introducing the 2017 new products



                                               Fenix staff introducing the 2017 new products


The last, but not least, part of the conference was an interactive communication with our distinguished guest Warren Faidley, who is the well-known American Storm chaser and volunteer emergency medical responder. 2017 is the 30thanniversary of his career, and he chose to spend this day with Fenix and to share his working experience as an active user of Fenix products.


                                           Interactive communication with Warren Faidley


Warren Faidley said: “I have always had a love for adventure and exploration. Storm chasing allows me to travel and encounter new and exciting events. Best of all, you never know what you will encounter while storm chasing. In many ways, storm chasing is like a treasure hunt. The unknown is what keeps me going.”

When it comes to the selection of Fenix products, Warren Faidley said: “As a storm chaser and volunteer emergency medical responder, a lot of my work is done in darkness. I require illumination equipment that I can rely on. Fenix products are perfect for my work. I know I can rely on Fenix in the worst conditions, including hurricanes, blizzards and rescue work. I recently used my Fenix flashlight while surveying tornado damage in Oklahoma. My favorite Fenix product is the PD35TAC LED Flashlight. The 1000 lumens is incredibly bright. I can also attach this light to my rescue helmet to keep my hands free. I have also used the PD35TAC on my weapons to keep my shooting skills up to date. The Fenix HL35 has been very handy for storm chasing when the power is lost or for EMT work. In the future I hope to use the Fenix CL30R (650 lumens) as an emergency lighting source during hurricanes.”


After having enjoyed the experiences Mr. Faidley shared, Fenix believes that everyone has to acknowledge that product quality and reliability are what really matter. Fenix always pays close attention to customers ‘changing demands, and devotes itself to developing professional, reliable and high-performance lighting tools. It is the outstanding performance; reliable quality and excellent customer service which make Fenix win over customers all over the world, especially when a specialist like Warren Faidley speaks so highly of Fenix products. Fenix is always on the way to perfect performance.


Though it is only Fenix’s first day in the SHOT Show 2017, it already lit up the passion in Las Vegas, which keeps the Fenix staff busy but feeling accomplished. Please stay tuned for more exciting news from Fenix.

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