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Continued report on American SHOT Show: Fenix’s new products are greatly favored, and Fenix distributors’ appreciation banquet: toasts for a prosperous future

Publish Time:2017-02-08

Fenix shining new products are greatly favored


Getting a booth at the SHOT Show was again difficult this year due to popularity, and although the booth Fenix endeavored to get did not fulfill our expectations, popularity wasn’t compromised. Streams of visitors still flooded the Fenix booth. Three models of the TK series of flashlights attracted lots of attention: the TK65R, fitted with a specially designed quick release belt clip which is perfectly suitable for the demands of security and safety, and the TK47 and TK47UE, which together share the feature of being dual purpose flashlights, but also with distinctive characteristics essential for various tactical and outdoor applications. In addition, the TK25 R&B and IR versions give full expression to the various application of patented LED rotating light head structure. The unique design is so attractive that people found it hard to keep their hands off them.

                   The Fenix booth is crowded with continuous stream of visitors. 

                                Fenix staff displaying the newest products of TK series                      

Fenix distributors’ appreciation banquet: toasts for a prosperous future

At 7pm local time on Jan 17, Fenix held the distributors’ appreciation banquet in the Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo Bally’s. The Fenix president Vincent Cen said: “I am so happy to be with you in the very beginning of this New Year, and we are also excited, because soon we will celebrate our traditional Chinese. We had prepared for each of you a characteristic Chinese new year gift, the lucky ‘Fu’ character, which represents good fortune. We sincerely hope each of you are filled with great blessings in the New Year.”


The distributors were all pleased with this special and unexpected surprise, and they all showed great interest and curiosity about the Chinese culture. The whole night was filled with cheers and laughter-the Fenix family spent a gorgeous night together.


                                     May love and happiness be with you all!

                     The Fenix president, Vincent Cen, expressing the New Year’s greetings



                             Wonderful food and wine, and happy, smiling faces.

                       A toast to a prosperous future! We will forge ahead hand in hand.

When we look on back the road Fenix has traveled, Fenix has stumbled and failed along this whole journey, but in the end we succeeded in being an international lighting brand. We owe all of this to our Fenix family, without whom Fenix wouldn’t have accomplished this. In future, let’s pool our efforts together to chase after an even higher goal. We will never stop shining.


Please stay tuned for more wonderful news from Fenix at the very beginning of 2017.

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