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Fenix and all the agent brands bloomed in ISPO Beijing 2017 with newest products—Fenix trail running headlamps were highly praised

Publish Time:2017-03-07

ISPO Beijing 2017 was held at China National Convention Center (CNCC) from February 15 - 18. It was the thirteenth Asian tradeshow for sports, fashion, and lifestyle brands held in Beijing. As a regular ISPO exhibitor and leading outdoor lighting brand, Fenix attended this grand event and took along the full range of products, also from its agent brands. For outdoor travelers and lovers, the Fenix products on display was a feast for their eyes. In addition, we also had various online and offline feedback activities for fans, visitors and customers. The person in charge of the Fenix R&D Department even played the role of anchor to have online face-to-face interaction with fans and customers who couldn’t personally attend the exhibition. The signing ceremony with the outdoor climbers and explorers also took place on site.


                                                           The four brands of Fenix


                                                   Fenix on-site working staff


As for the latest Fenix products on display - we had flashlights, headlamps and camping lanterns: the dual-purpose far-reaching flashlight TK47, Fenix’s first running headlamp, the HL15, the upcoming USB rechargeable trail-running headlamp HL26R, and the multifunctional camping lantern with combined modules, the CP30R. The professional trail running headlamp HL15 and the HL26R especially were highly praised by visitors, and all were eager to have a try.


                                        Dual-purpose far-reaching flashlight TK47



                                      Multifunctional camping lantern with combined modules

While we could say that most of the Fenix headlamps were designed for hiking and mountaineering in the past, the Fenix HL15 and HL26R are totally out of the ordinary. Hiking and mountaineering-oriented headlamps are not suitable for trail running from the aspects of intensity, distance and beam angle, but the lightweight HL15 and the USB rechargeable spot- and floodlight headlamp HL26R are tailored specifically for trail running.



In addition to Fenix’s new products, other brands for which Fenix is an agent: the first-class German military brand Tasmanian Tiger, the German professional outdoor backpack TATONKA, and the outdoor knife brand RUIKE. All of them were part of the grand displays at the exhibition–the whole product lineup being of great all-round variety. Tasmanian Tiger displayed the recently released messenger bag of 12L, and the 22L tactical backpack; the professional outdoor backpack brand TATONKA brought the multi-functional backpack and seat in one, which won the Inter Brand Gear Award from China Outdoor Industry Annual Awards 2016. The upcoming Maggie commuting backpack appeared on the show as well; RUIKE knives also had a full-range display of its first released three knives series.








                                                             RUIKE Knives display


All visitors were very eager to try all the displayed products. In order to express our gratitude to the visitors for their support, Fenix had prepared many on- and offline activities for visitors, both on site and for those who could not attend the exhibition in person. In case you may wonder how Fenix sent those prizes -the person in charge of our R&D Department played the role of anchor to have on-line face-to-face interaction with online fans and customers who couldn’t attend the exhibition, and he sent the prizes.


                              (The visitors enthusiastically joined the card scratching activity)


(R&D Department manager Mr. Zhang drew the prizes, and explained the operation of the new product CP30R. For more information, please follow Fenix official Weibo account.)

During the show, our beautiful climber Sabrina also played the role of anchor to do a live broadcast on the TATONKA Weibo account, for product explanation and prize draws. Another point worth mentioning is that Sabrina had officially signed an agreement on TATONKA with Fenix. In future, TATONKA will provide support and sponsorship for Sabrina in upcoming activities. Moreover, Fenix also reached a cooperative agreement with Liujia, who was awarded the Outdoor Person of the Year at the 11th China Rhino Awards Ceremony, as well as with the outdoor extreme photographer Mr. Li, nicknamed Tiegai. All three these outstanding outdoor lovers and experts are now being sponsored by Fenix.


(TATONKA sponsorship receiver Sabrina drew prizes and explained our products. For more information, please follow our official TATONKA Weibo account.)





(Fenix CEO Mr. Vincent Cen signed a cooperative agreement with Tiegai, Sabrina and Liujia, nicknamed Xiaocong)

During 2016, although there was a weak growth in the market, Fenix maintained steady progress and sustained growth in the international market. Fenix is also full of confidence for the rest of 2017, and will continue focusing on product innovation, and research and development, adhering to the value proposition “Live for harsh environments, live up to ultimate lighting". Fenix will continue taking action to illuminate the dream of outdoor people.

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