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Fenix first day in Europe –IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 annual highlights for the international specialist trade

Publish Time:2017-03-10

March is spring season, and this was also evident at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 which kicked off on March 3 as scheduled, in the exhibition center Nuremberg, Germany. Fenix attaches huge importance to this exhibition as it is a world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities, and for civilian and official security applications.


On the first day Fenix invited most of the European distributors, and some from the Asian countries and regions, to an appreciation dinner held in the oldest, traditional German restaurant in Nuremberg. During this dinner, the Fenix CEO, Mr. Vincent Cen, expressed his sincere gratitude to all distributors present. He looked in retrospect to the innovative achievements in technology, products and craftsmanship during the past year, and briefly introduced new development plans as well. Vincent ended his speech by mentioning that better performance and a prosperous future is anticipated with the endeavor of all the distributors. The entire dinner was immersed in a jovial atmosphere while the distributors exchanged their own experiences and discussed how to stimulate Fenix’s local business development. Time was forgotten while everybody enjoyed the dinner and conversation.


European distributors gathered together


The CEO, Mr. Vincent Cen, giving a speech


The Fenix booth design fitted in well with the overall theme of the exhibition. The high and grand construction lent itself well to the latest posters which displayed adventure and character. There was no chance for visitors to the exhibition to miss the outstanding Fenix booth in Hall No.5. Let’s have a look at some gorgeous on-site pictures:




As for our new products, Fenix made every effort possible to display products that fitted in with the theme of the exhibition. The FD30/FD41 use a new style 360° rotary focusing design which is a break away from traditional focusing technology. The FD30 specifically, is fitted with a Fenix independently innovated dual reflector optical system. The TK65R is specialized for policing, searching and law enforcement roles. This high-performance flashlight with quick-release belt clip gives a new solution to quick and convenient use in security and safety lighting. The innovative dual mode rotary switching structure of the TK25 IR &TK25 R&B versions greatly improves users’ experience of multicolored products. The unique design is so attractive that people found it hard to keep their hands off them.



(Fenix newest products were favored)


(The Fenix booth is crowded with continuous streams of visitors)



(Visitors loved experiencing with Fenix products)


In addition, the appearance of the new products from Fenix has attracted the attention of the industry. Numerous flashlight lovers from different countries came to the Fenix booth to try out these popular new products. Those flashlight lovers expressed their preference to the Fenix brand, and gave lots of novel and innovative advice and ideas.


(Fenix staff with a flashlight enthusiast)


The 2017 IWA exhibition attracted an unexpectedly high amount of visitors and Fenix brand supporters from various countries and regions. Fenix will devote itself to new product development in future, to fulfill expectations and the imagination of all lovers and supporters. 2017 is anticipated to be a prosperous and extraordinary year for the development and growth of Fenix in the European market.

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