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Review on 2017 IWA OutdoorClassics: You expect it; we create it. Not about origin - only for better tactical usage

Publish Time:2017-03-21

On March 3, the annual international specialist trade show: the IWA OutdoorClassics was officially opened in the exhibition center in Nuremberg, Germany. The first national product show for the retail gun trade and gunsmiths opened its doors in Nuremberg in 1973, with just under 100 exhibitors. The international name IWA OutdoorClassics came about due to the rapidly increased importance beyond the borders of Germany and the multi-themed range of products, which covers the whole spectrum from traditional craftsmanship and innovative ideas for outdoor equipment, to functional clothing, and the sport of hunting and shooting. With a history of 44 years it is the world’s leading display platform for the latest in technology, equipment and communication.


 Imagine everything possible in IWA, the very busy and alive exhibition hall, and the coolest tactical equipment from the worlds leading top brands


You may have the impression that this kind of exhibition only hosts German or American brands. More and more Chinese brands show up prominently. Fenix, the outdoor lighting brand from Shenzhen, China, gets more and more recognized and accepted by the European and American outdoor industry and markets, and has now become a highlight, and frequent visitor in the Nuremberg hall center.


                                           The Fenix booth was warmly welcomed


                                   Streams of visitors flowed through the Fenix booth


                                                     Visitors admiring the Fenix products


As the worlds leading outdoor lighting brand, a series of Fenix flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and camping lanterns have entered the main sales channels of over 100 countries and regions, especially for law enforcement agencies from different countries such as Slovakia, Belgium, Russia, Hungary and the Netherlands.


                                    Fenix products for tactical and policing applications


Without doubt, the Fenix booth attracted numerous visitors, and the new products displayed are leading the lighting industry. The latest products from Fenix in the TK and FD series attracted the attention of crowds of visitors this year.


                                                      Fenix new products display


The innovative TK47 features dual-purpose functions - a headlight and a tail light. The innovative rotary mode switching structure of the TK25 IR version greatly improved user experience of multicolored products. The FD30 is fitted with a Fenix independently innovated dual reflector optical system. It uses a new style 360° rotary focusing design which broke away from traditional focusing technology.


                                                                      Fenix TK47


                                                                 Fenix FD30


                                                              Fenix TK25 IR


                                      A visitor testing the infrared light of the TK25 IR


There is no doubt that Fenix has earned its place in the global market, not only due to its continuous innovation, but also with exquisite technology and craftsmanship and reliable product quality, which all greatly helped Fenix win the trust of all users and fans. During the course of the exhibition, loyal fans often came to the Fenix booth specifically to share their stories, e. g. the man in the picture below, who came to tell us how much he loved his Fenix edc flashlight that has been a trusted companion for 10 years.


 The China domestics knife brand RUIKE was also shown at the IWA, and had won favor among visitors because of its exquisite craftsmanship and unique design





There are often complaints from some Chinese domestic companies that Chinese brands find it difficult to enter and find a place in the international arena. From the growth and performance of Fenix can be seen that, as long as reliable products are made for the customers, more and more approval and recognition will be achieved: let the products be the voice for the brand!
Fenixlight devotes itself to making the domestic brand Fenix known worldwide, while at the same time also pro-actively introducing excellent overseas brand: Tasmanian Tiger, a first-class German military backpack brand displayed at the IWA OutdoorClassics, was warmly welcomed by military fans. Fenixlight introduced Tasmanian Tiger in 2015, which benefited the local military fans with its professional design and exquisite texture. In this IWA exhibition Tasmanian Tiger displayed a series of new products in new colors. All visitors were attracted and impressed by its astounding quality and design.











Fenix and Tasmanian Tiger brought out their best in the IWA exhibition, highlighting Fenixlights overall strength. As at the beginning of 2017, Fenix is also full of confidence for the rest of 2017, and will continue focusing on product innovation, and research and development, adhering to the value proposition “Live for harsh environments, live up to ultimate lighting". Fenix will continue taking action to illuminate the dream of outdoor people.

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