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Congratulations! Award that talks - Fenix TK72R Took Home the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

Publish Time:2017-07-24

On 3 July 2017, the international design scene convened in Essen’s Aalto-Theater for the Red Dot Gala, which is the final celebratory highlight to mark the close of the competition. Fenix won over the crowd with an extraordinary appearance there.



All prizewinners of the Red Dot: Best of the Best are granted the special honour of receiving the Red Dot Trophy on stage in the presence of around 1,200 guests from all over the world, including design stars, media representatives, business experts, and political figures. Among 54 countries worldwide, with 47 types of distinctions, Fenix has successfully stood the strict evaluation of 39-member international and professional jury. The high-performance smart flashlight TK72R won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017. Fenix product is internationally recognized by the most creative design award, which not only means the award-winning product TK72R has won the authoritative affirmation, but also illustrates Fenix brand position in outdoor lighting industry.

Red Dot Award Certificate of Fenix TK72R 

The Award Ceremony Red Dot Gala was held in Aalto-Threater, which hosted by the founder and CEO of Red Dot: Professor Dr Perter Zec. Around 1,200 international guests that included famous designers and renowned manufacturers and media representatives, the jury members together with Professor Dr Peter Zec witnessed this feast for design.

Fenix as one of the winners attended the ceremony, the product manager Mr. Vincent, who is in charge of Fenix flashlight product line, also the designer of the award-winning product TK72R, accepted the internationally recognized honor on behalf of Fenixlight company.

Fenix flashlight product line manager Mr. Vincent attended the ceremony 

The musical and cultural entertainment was provided by 16 years old pianist Alexander Brzoska, who has at an early age already won several national and international prizes, as well as the Aalto Ballett Essen.

After the award ceremony, the award-winning designers were invited to attend the the "Designers' Night" at the Red Dot Design Museum. Designers from around the world, representatives of design agencies and business representatives all together enjoyed this after-show party.


It was also here that the special exhibition “Design on Stage” was opened, which presents all of the award-winning products of 2017 and runs until 6 August. After the exhibition, TK72R will be a permanent part of the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. At the same time, TK72R is included in the Red Dot Design Yearbook", leading potential development trend for current lighting product design.

Fenix TK72R is exhibited in the design museum

You may wonder how Fenix TK72R stood out among numerous participants and won over the favor of 39-member jury. Let’s check its magic power together.

Product Name: Fenix TK72R

Max output: 9000 Lumens 

Battery: Built-in 14000mAh battery pack

Product length: 155mm Length, 50mm Body diameter

Product weight: 646 grams (including battery)

Product features: Smart OLED display screen, stepless light regulation, charging and discharging function

Expected retail price: $400

Time to release: third quarter of 2017


Fenix TK72R is a portable high performance flashlight - a brilliant aid for night outdoor searching and rescuing and industrial tasks, as well as a backup lighting tool for your self-driving journeys. Featuring OLED display with advanced intelligent circuit design clearly shows the current lumens, remaining battery level and runtime, meaning you can plan and prepare for your nighttime outdoor journeys and activities well in advance. The TK72R will illuminate the road and guarantee your safety outdoors.

About the lighting source: TK72R is fitted with 3 CREE LED’s, delivering 9000 lumens of output and a beam distance of more than 300 meters. Considering the user interface, the TK72R is fitted with user-friendly 3 key operation: On/Off, and “+” and “-“ for stepless light regulation to control the runtime and output selection. This versatile light caters for multiple output level demands.

Furthermore, the TK72R features a charging and discharging function with a maximum output of 14000mAh, which allows the use of this flashlight as a standby power bank for almost any digital devices.

The accolade of the Red Dot Design Award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design. We all believe that it is the elaborate design that touched jurors’ minds. It is the ultimate pursuit of product reliability and user interface that made the TK72R stand out above its competition. The awarded authoritative quality certification bestowed upon the TK72R, shows that Fenixlight has the design strength needed to be internationally approved. And Fenix will make every endeavor to develop and design more innovative and attractive products, customers will discover Fenix strength in design!

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