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Fenix sponsored athlete Sefli Ahar again won the championship of the Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT) 2017

Publish Time:2017-08-23

Fenix HL26R - professional trail running headlamp and HL23 - tri-proof headlamp helped Asian outstanding trail runner - Sefli Ahar gained a first in the Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT) 2017 100KM group and broke the record!

    The Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT) is founded as a Trail Running event to save Merapoh Caves. It’s in the 3rd year now. Its main objective is to preserve national heritage and save Merapoh Caves and to develop local economy through eco-tourism. This year TMMT involves 35km, 70km and 100km categories. Around 900 participants will run through the beautiful trail of Merapoh, caves and wade through rivers. This race is a fast course with less technical sections and caters for beginner trail runners. Cut off time 20 hours for 100km, 12 hours for 70km and 10 hours for 35km category.

    Sefli Ahar, who has won the championships of several international long races in Asia, still well performed, wearing Fenix headlamps, he ran through numerous Merapoh caves, waded through rivers and finally reached the destination. Sefli said: "The first 40km I used the HL23, then I replaced HL26R for next 60km. There is still power in the battery after I finished the race. I use 70 lumens during the whole race, which is bright enough to let me see the river fish and stones clearly, to avoid stepping on a snake. After 5km walking in the river, I accidentally fell myself wholy into the water, thanks to the waterproof ability of the HL26R, I can move on "

    Fenix once again congratulates Sefli Ahar on wining the first!


 1. On the evening of May 5, Sefli Ahar, took a leading position, was eating bananas to replenish energy.

2. At 5:00 on the evening of August 5, Sefli Ahar, still in the leading position, made a confident thumb-up to the camera.