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Global Fenix Badge Design Competition

Publish Time:2018-01-11

In the eyes of the public, a badge may be as common as a brooch, just for clothes embellishment. Whereas you must have known the famous TV series Game of Thrones. Through further learning, the truth is that a badge is not only a garniture, it is a symbol of identity, a logo of  occupation, the sign of a team, description for personality, or even the source of spirit. It has magic power that turns to a bond and that bond will never be broken.


Each country, region, organization has its own unique badge, this seemingly inconspicuous icon actually contains the trust or identity of their own groups. The moment of wearing a badge means the value conveyed in the badge is embraced and accepted. And the badge becomes the  closest bond that unites the group and the individual.

Here we have multiple examples:





Fenix believes that we need this bond to connect every of you, making our relationship more intimate. Here we decide to host this badge design competition. Each of you takes the initiative to design the new Fenix badge, all different ideas and creativity are appreciated and welcomed.


Time of the competition

Submission period: January 10 to January 30,2018 (UTC+8)

Votetime: February 1 to February 5, 2018 (UTC+8)

Announcement: Feb 6, 2018 (UTC+8)


Ways of participation


Submit the entry to Fenix email:

Domestic: (Choose one of the following ways)

1. Submit the entry to Fenix email:

2. Send the entry as the format of picture to Fenix official WeChat account



3. Send the entry as the format of picture to WeChat account of Fenix staff: fenix0903



Please provide a brief description of your work at the time of submission to explain your original design intention and ideas. And please leave a message to write your name and e-mail address, so that we can contact you later. The number of submission by person is not limited.


Requirements to the submitted works

Should be one of the following forms:
1. Hand drawing: take a photo of the finished drawing and submit as a JPG format.
2. Computer graphics: Coredraw, Photoshop and other graphics software are allowed, please convert to JPG format before submission.
Submitted work requires a clear picture quality, there is a need to indicate the badge size, material and other information.

Submissions need to include Fenix elements, including but not limited to Fenix Logo, Fenix representative products, Fenix brand proposition (Lighting For Extremes) and all related Fenix elements.


Rules for election

Preliminary round: A number of winner will be selected to get the Shortlisted Prizes.

After the conclusion of the submission, Fenix judges will conduct a primary selection of all submitted works worldwide and publicize the shortlisted works.

Final round: A total of two prizes: 5 Most Popular Prizes, 3 Best Creative Prizes .

1. Most Popular Prize selection rules: All shortlisted entries will be voted on by both domestic and overseas platforms. The top 5 entries from domestic and overseas will win the Most Popular Prize.
2. Best Creative Award selection rules: All shortlisted entries will be selected by the Fenix judges, and 3 of them will win Best Creative Prize.

Selection and prize announcement platforms
Overseas - Facebook @Fenix Worldwide
Domestic - Fenix official WeChat

At the same time, we will inform the winners by email.


Prizes (global)

1. 3 Best Creative Prizes: Each gets one of any Fenix product, which is optional for customized lettering. 50 pieces of the badges can be obtained free of charge if the submitted work is designed as a final Fenix badge.
2. 5 Most Popular Prizes: Each gets one Fenix product worth of 80 to 160 USD. 10 pieces of badges can be obtained free of charge if the submitted work is designed as a final Fenix badge.

3. Shortlisted Prizes(a number of): Each gets one Fenix product worth of 80 USD.

1. Best Creative Prize and Most Popular Prize can be overlapped. That is to say that one work  can win the Most Popular Prize and Best Creative Award at the same time, but can not get the Shortlisted Prizes.
2. After the winners list is announced, Fenix will notify the winners by mail. Winners should confirm the mailing address of the prizes before February 9, 2018. Those who fail to reply to the  mailing address confirmation within the time limit will be deemed as giving up the prizes on their own.


Special reminders

1. All submitted works must be original unpublished works with independent intellectual property rights of the submitter. Otherwise, Fenix will disqualify the work form selection, all legal disputes and responsibilities resulted in shall be held by the submitter.

2. The submitted works shall not infringe intellectual property of any other third party . Once the work is adopted, it indicates that the submitter voluntarily agrees that the copyright of the work should be enjoyed by the sponsor ( Shenzhen Fenixlight Co., Ltd.). For the selected works, the organizer reserves the right to modify and perfect the design, as well as publish it.

3. Fenix has the right to use the submitted work globally, including but not limited to publicize and display through media.
4. After the announcement of the results of the competition, all works excluding from the shortlisted can be at the submitters disposal . Submitters need to retain the manuscript of the submitted works, Fenix will not send them back. Fenix reserves the rights of final interpretation for this competition.
5. All participants in this competition are deemed to agree and accept all the terms of the abovementioned statement.

Everybody, lets start this brainstorm!

Note: Only the shortlisted works will be announced, and the remaining entries should not be published without the author's consent.

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