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Fenix - Proud to be the exclusive headlamp sponsor of France MaXi-Race

Publish Time:2018-05-17

The 8th MaXi-Race 2018 will be held in Annecy, France. It is considered as among the top 5 in the world and is the most prestigious 50-mile race in Europe. The race originated on the coast of the Alps, Lake Annecy. This fairytale town of Annecy, an outdoor paradise recognized by the whole world, is also the birthplace of modern trail running. More than just a trail race, the Maxi Race takes you on a journey, an adventure of self-discovery amongst exquisite, unique landscapes. Whether you run alone or in a relay team, regardless of your level or your goals, there is an event for everyone.

This year of 2018, Fenix is honored to be the exclusive headlamp sponsor of this France MaXi-Race. The HL26R trail running headlamp and ECO series headlamps (HL40R, HL32R, HL12R) are designated headlamps for this event. High-performance headlamps will light the trail ahead for the whole MaXi-Race and all runners!  


This year MaXi-Race has made a finer and more comprehensive level of competition to meet the needs of various levels of trail runners. Fenix, a globally known lighting tool brand, devoted itself during 2017 to the expansion of its trail running headlamp lines. The released trail running headlamp HL26R and the recently launched ECO series of headlamps gained lots of attention from trail runners, which proved that the brands decision of expansion was wise and successful. HL26R is well-known for its light weight and ultra-long runtime in the field of off-road running. The Fenix ECO headlamp series is a newly released line in the headlamp series, and it integrates long runtime, built-in large capacity battery and USB charging. This line has attracted attention of numerous professional customers and outdoor lovers since its release.

Apart from being the first Chinese sports headlamp brand to be connected to the world's top race MaXi-Race, Fenix also provides lightweight, long-life and high-quality headlamps for outdoor enthusiasts. Staying true to the concept of Lighting for Extremes, Fenix continues to innovate constantly, focusing on reliability, high performance and excellent manufacturing processes to allow users to enjoy perfect lighting experiences in various environments.


Fenix's influence in outdoor sports lighting brands not only reflects in its involvement with the European MaXi-Race. Its long-term reputation in the industry and the admiration from outdoor enthusiasts have made Fenix a partner not only of the top European competition MaXi-Race. In America it has also been recognized by the organizing committee of the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run and it has become the exclusive headlamp sponsor of the WS100 event.

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