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Exhibition alert! Fenix attracted the attention of police officers

Publish Time:2018-05-23

The 9th China International Exhibition on Police Equipment (CIEPE) was grandly opened on May 15, 2018 in the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Exhibitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany and some other countries and regions displayed their products to guests from all over the country, including public security, justice, armed police, and the PLA. Fenix, as the brand leader of lighting industry, also welcomed visitors in Hall 6B-B2.

Part of the Fenix booth

The products displayed by Fenix were dedicated to law enforcement lighting, and featured powerful tactical and high-performance smart flashlights. This was in line with the theme of the CIEPE, and also met the requirements of domestic and foreign public inspection agencies for equipment and technology.

Opening ceremony of the CIEPE

  A brief overview of the exhibition

The exhibition lasts three and a half days and covers an area of 43,000 square meters. It has a total of 10 exhibition areas, including displays for communications equipment, criminal technical equipment, investigative technical equipment, anti-terrorism and rescue equipment, and others.

Intelligent big data display

Transportation vehicles

Weapons and instruments

Female law enforcement officers

Fenix booth highlights

Prior to this event, Fenix had participated in a number of police exhibition, and every time the booth was crowded with visitors. After all friends, fans and supporters of law enforcement will certainly not miss the opportunity to witness this splendid biennial display.

The domestic sales manager (middle) introducing Fenix products to Mr. Xu (right), the Commissioner of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau

Fenix product manager in charge of flashlights (left) introducing Fenix products to officers of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau

Tough and powerful tactical series

The Fenix TK series is based on the design concept (T)ank (K)ing of the battlefield. Models aim to deliver high output, extended reach, toughness and reliability, which not only satisfy your particular needs for searching & rescuing operations, but is also an unmatched choice for policing, military activities and enforcing the law.

Fe-nix TK series flashlights

2018 Red Dot Award Winner: The TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018 was not only popular with outdoor media, but also attracted the attention of exhibitors and visitors. Nobody could help but experience this flashlight first-hand.

Fenix marketing manager (right) showing the TK35UE 2018 to a media friend

At the end of the flashlight line were two distinct tactical products - tactical pens. One was the T5Ti, made of TC4 titanium alloy, and the other was the T5, made of aviation aluminum. These two tactical pens proved to be no less impressive or popular to visitors than the TK series.

The exquisite tactical pen is useful for a variety of tasks like writing, attacking or self-defense. A tungsten steel hard alloy strike bezel and a German Schmidt pressurized refill make this a no-brainer for writing, tactical defense or emergency escapes in harsh and extreme situations.

Visitors testing the fluency of the Fenix tactical pen

The most frequently asked questions during the show, were about the newly released UC35 V2.0 rechargeable tactical compact flashlight. Many Fenix fans were interested and couldnt wait to check and experience it.

High-performance smart flashlights

The UC52 and TK72R are both fitted with digital OLED display screen, displaying the remaining battery level and runtime so that users can be well-prepared for their outdoor plans. The TK72R features stepped light regulation, two ways of increasing and decreasing brightness: slow and fast adjustment, and is super convenient and user-friendly.

Agency brands

The agency brands of Fenixlight Limited: Tasmanian Tiger and RUIKE, also displayed a number of products suitable for military and police use.

Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger, a German professional military and tactical equipment brand, focused on the recently released tactical shoulder bag S for various applications, and the forthcoming tactical belt, tactical vest, and medical assault package.

These high-quality products attracted a large number of visitors who all wanted to experience them.


The professional knife brand RUIKE released a powerful 85 mm knife in the LD series with a hardness of 58-59HRC. It meets daily needs but also greatly enhances the ability for outdoors and emergency use.

LD series

Visitors trying RUIKE knives

RUIKE has been upholding the spirit of Fenix brand of reliability and durability since its release. From 1 – 3 June RUIKE will be displaying some products at the Blade Show, with its unstoppable momentum, in Atlanta USA, where any interested friends and fans are welcome to visit.

Looking back on the entire exhibition it was clear that Fenix had attracted many police officers and army fanatics. As Fenix fans explained during the show: reliability and durability are the most attractive characteristics. In cooperation with the agency brands RUIKE and Tasmanian Tiger, also excellent quality brands, the Fenix booth is always one not to be missed.

Scanning the QR code for a chance to win prizes

  Last but not least, all friends who are interested in Fenix, RUIKE and Tasmanian Tiger can get to know and experience the products at the upcoming Nanjing Asia Outdoor Trade Show from June 28 - July 1. Fenix will be exhibiting at booth 4.1100, and more outstanding products and richer activities can be anticipated. Please stay tuned!

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