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Fenix mascot design global competition officially commences

Publish Time:2018-05-30

1. Brief introduction on the competition

To develop the Fenix brand, and in order to strengthen the brand image, we would like to establish an outstanding recognized image against market competition so the value proposition of “Lighting for Extremes” will be better interpreted. A vivid and real image that has affinity and special spiritual connotation to the Fenix brand is strongly needed, therefore we are launching the Fenix mascot design global competition. The requirements for mascot collection and related issues are described below:

Looking for FiFi

Fenix mascot global design competition

Submission period: May, 28 - July, 1


2. Brand introduction

Fenix is a leading outdoor sport lighting brand as well as a China national high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and selling of outdoor sport lighting tools, including mid/high-end flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and camping lanterns, as well as accessories, etc. Fenix products are now being sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

Concentrating on innovative lighting technology and solutions, Fenix constantly develops LED lighting tools of excellent performance and high reliability, satisfying customers’ pursuit of versatile illumination tools of the highest standards through exquisite craftsmanship. Fenix’s products are widely used in the field of outdoor sport, industry, law enforcement, military, edc (everyday carry), etc. As every product is released with excellent performance and reliable quality, the Fenix brand has become known globally as a premium LED lighting brand.                                              

Committed to the mission of innovating outdoor sport lighting and to make user’s experience as pleasant as possible, Fenix aims to be the best outdoor sport lighting brand in the world.


3. The Mascot

Chinese name: Xiao Fei

English name: Fifi


4. Mascot preference

a. Creative basis - creation of a mascot with a connotation to the Fenix outdoor lighting industry, depicting the value concept “Lighting for Extremes”.

b. Creative elements - Fenix products are widely used in the fields of law enforcement, industry, outdoor sport and as gifts, and the mascot should as far as possible reflect these elements, e.g. flashlights, headlamps, etc.

c. Color requirements - since the Fenix colors are predominantly black and orange, these should also be the main colors of the mascot.

d. Style preference - Styles of the design should consider outdoor, tactical, and tough characteristics of Fenix’s products. The image could be vivacious and playful.

e. Design points - Global applicability should be taken into account, and avoid ethnic and national taboos or sensitive issues.


5. Requirements on the design of the mascot

a. Professional group

. The design scheme shall include three views, five statically-extended motion expressions, an extended design scheme based on this in plain, and three-dimensional designs (for example, headbands, wristbands, brooches, T-shirts, keychains, etc.);

. The design scheme must comply with the Fenix brand temperament, conform to the personality setting, simple and vivid, with outstanding features;

. Description of the work (The description shall include the interpretation of the meaning of the logo, the description of the design creativity, the description of the font, the standard color description of the CMYK value or the RBG value, etc. Entries without this description will be discarded);

. The work presentation resolution must not be less than 500dpi, the format in PDF or JPG, must be chromatic, the file not less than 5MB, and the source file that can be produced as a real object after the award should be provided;

. In order to ensure the impartiality of the competition, no name, watermark, etc., should be added on or to the submitter's works.


b. Amateur group

Feel free to draw a Fenix mascot, or write a story or experience that matches your Fenix mascot image.



6. Awards setting

a. Professional group

. Elected Award (1): 6,000 yuan + 1 mascot

. Popularity Award (1): 4,000 yuan + 1 mascot

. Finalists (10): 1 Fenix product (valued 500 - 1000 yuan) + 1 mascot


b. Amateur group

Encouragement award (10): 1 Fenix product (valued 200 - 500 yuan) + 1 mascot


7. Ways of selection

a. The encouragement award and finalist award will be selected by Fenix judges;

b. Popularity awards are voted by netizens through Fenix official WeChat account, and the top ticket holders are awarded;

c. The winners will be selected by the Fenix judges and netizens through official Fenix WeChat account (30% through the votes of the netizens and 70% of the Fenix judges).

d. A single work can only receive one award.


8. Competition period




May, 28

Deadline of submission

July, 1

Announcement of finalists

July, 2

Voting period

July, 2 -10

Final result announcement

July, 12


9. Ways of submission

a. Professional group

. Submission email (overseas):; 


Please use the subject: "Fenix Mascot Competition" when submitting.

. When submitting your entry, the designer's name, contact information, and the way to obtain the contest information should all be specified.


b. Amateur group

. (Overseas): Submit your entry by email to:

. (Domestic): Follow the Fenix official WeChat account for submission


10. Legal regulations

a. Applicants undertake that their submissions will be original, unpublished works that have the author’s independent intellectual property rights, and must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other third party. Violation of this rule will cause disqualification of the work from selection, and any legal disputes and liabilities arising therefrom will be borne by the submitter.

b. Once the winning proposal has been adopted, it means that the applicant has voluntarily agreed that the copyright of the work will be enjoyed by the organizer (Fenixlight Limited). For the selected works, the organizer reserves the right to revise imperfect design and publish. At the same time, the designers promise to provide the organizers with a complete design scheme for the submitted work, including source files of various vector graphics.

c. Fenix reserves the right to use, develop, modify, authorize, license and protect any of the abovementioned award-winning works in any form, and has the right to remanufacture or recreate the abovementioned winning works in any way. The submitter has no right to request sharing of any interest gained from performing the above actions.

d. After being notified of the award winning, the submitters must sign the "Copyright Transfer Agreement" with the organizer (Fenixlight Limited). If the submitter is a group, the "Copyright Transfer Agreement" must be signed by all natural persons and authorized representatives of the legal entity.

e. The sponsor and the organizer have the right to display, report, promote and propagandize the entries. The author reserves the right of signature.

f. Fenix reserves the right to modify the date and rules of this competition in accordance with its business needs, and will make announcements on the Fenix official website, WeChat and other platforms.

g. After the competition result has been announced, the submitter may use his own work as an alternative. The submitter should keep the original manuscript of the submission. The organizer will not return the manuscript.

h. All designs must always comply with the above terms and conditions. Fenix may at any time exclude any design work that, or any applicant who violates the aforesaid terms and conditions based on its own judgment.


11. Inquiries:

a. Overseas

. Fenix Official Facebook Account: @Fenix Worldwide

.Fenix official Instagram account: fenixlight

.  Fenix email:


b. Domestic

. Contact: Xiao Fei

. Contact Information: WeChat: fenix0903 Tel: 13392164969

. Official WeChat account: Fenix outdoor lighting


Domestic: Add Fenix staff Xiao Fei to join the mascot design competition WeChat group to get more information about Fenix and the competition. On June 4th, we will have a live streaming on the WeChat group and provide design support (Fenix LOGO, etc.).

(WeChat account of Xiao Fei’s)


*Fenix reserves the right of final interpretation for this competition.

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