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Where there’s a mountain, there’s a Fenix headlamp -- Fenix, as the exclusive sponsor of headlamps, helps the MaXi-Race finishes off well

Publish Time:2018-05-31

All through the weekend, 8500 runners from 50 countries tested their mettle on the different courses between Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. The MaXi-Village, with 40 exhibitors, counted more than 20,000 visitors who took the opportunity to meet with sponsors and race organizers. New this year, the MaXi-O proved an overwhelming success. On the morning of the last day the frontrunners in the Marathon-Race, the XL-Race, the XXL-Race, and the Short-Race, as well as 210 kids between the ages of 3 and 10 who participated in the KidsRace, finished one after the other. Together, everyone in the athletic and energetic crowd helped to create an amazingly warm, friendly, and festive atmosphere! While runners scrambled up and over the surrounding summits, the MaXi-Lake itself was also a hive of activity with stand up paddle, dragon boat, crew, and canoe/kayak enthusiasts who enjoyed rowing one of 3 distances (34km, 18km, or 5km) around the lake. With faraway thunderstorms slowly making their way towards Albigny Beach, Sunday morning meant the close of a truly incredible Lake Annecy Outdoor Festival weekend.

This professional trail running event, covering all age groups from all around the world, naturally attracts numerous brand sponsors. However, the event leader Stephan said: Our goal is to provide all participants with a 100% perfect race experience, which fits perfectly with Fenix's brand value. Fenix has always adhered to the brand proposition of Lighting for Extremes, and is dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with a perfect lighting experience under all circumstances.

As the most prestigious event in Europe and the prelude to the Montblanc Super Trail Race in the same year, many top runners choose to participate in this event, and a high-quality headlamp with reliable and stable quality has become the safest way to light the way for the runners, and of the necessity of forging ahead. This year of 2018, Fenix is honored to have been the exclusive headlamp sponsor of this France MaXi-Race. Fenix took its headlamp series to the town of Annecy to escort all runners through the event!

Fenix staff prepared for the event

The Fenix HL series of headlamps feature light weight, ergonomic appearance and reliable quality and performance, multiple choice of output levels, IP66 rated protection, all of which made the headlamps well-known in the field of off-road running and highly favored by the MaXi-Race committee.

Fenix headlamp series - as the designated and recommended headlamps by the race committee

Runners interested and trying Fenix headlamp

Apart from professional runners, numerous visitors were interested in Fenix headlamps as well

Fenix's influence in outdoor sports lighting not only reflects in its involvement with the European MaXi-Race. Its long-term reputation in the industry and the admiration from outdoor enthusiasts and professional players have made Fenix a partner not only of the top European competition MaXi-Race. This is inseparable from its reliable quality and brand concept of focusing on customers. In America it has also been acknowledged by the organizing committee of the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run and succeeded in becoming the exclusive headlamp sponsor of this WS100 event. Compared to the MaXi-Race event, the entry requirements of the Western States 100-mile Endurance Runs are even more demanding, but Fenix’s headlamps, committed to the brand value Lighting for Extremes” will firmly continue to accompany every runner.

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