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Come and meet Fenix at Booth 4.1100 in Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2018

Publish Time:2018-06-26

If there is a place where the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, such as running, water sports, rock climbing, caving, and cycling can be satisfied, while at the same time bringing together outdoor business leaders, marketing, sports, and industry experts, event planners, as well as media observers, brands and distributors from home and abroad, this place is likely to be the Asia Outdoor Trade Show.

The Asia Outdoor Trade Show has been held for 12 sessions. The 13th session will be officially launched on June 28 this year, and will last until July 1st. As the highly-recognized brand in outdoor sports lighting, Fenix will show up together with agent brands as well as new products.

Fenix can be found in booth number 4.1100, and the style of the booth layout upholds the Fenix brand colors: predominant black and dynamic orange in a very modern geometric outline. The colors and layout reflect the typical Fenix brand characteristics of solemnity and strength.


As can be seen from this booth layout above Fenix will be prominently visible. Look up close and you will find the words Tasmanian Tiger, RUIKE and TATONKA, which are all the agent brands of Fenix.


Four brands of new products

1. Fenix - leader in outdoor sports lighting

As we all know, Fenix has comprehensive and versatile product lines to cover the entire lighting field, such as flashlights, headlamps, camping lanterns, bicycle lights, various accessories, etc. For your outdoor travel journey there will always be a Fenix product can tacitly accompany you .

High-quality new products strengthen the versatile product lines. During this exhibition Fenix will not only display their full range of products, but will also display new products from each product line. Several new products will be unveiled for the first time, such as the long-awaited dual-source pen-like flashlights - the LD05 V2.0 and LD02 V2.0.


Photographer: Eyesmoon


The two models have similarities in appearance and performance, but they have different target audiences. In terms of brightness, the LD05 V2.0 with two AAA batteries is positioned for work, while the LD02 V2.0 is more advantageous in home use. There are also differences between the 2 flashlights in the light color composition. If you are interested in more specific differences, they will be waiting for you in Booth 4.1100 in the show.


Along with the pen-like flashlights, there are other new products such as the E16R and E16, as well as the tactical pens that attracted so much attention at the Beijing CIEPE, well as the 2018 red dot award winner, the TK35UE 2018.


From the headlamp product line comes a hybrid headlamp, the HL18R, which is compact and lightweight, and offers a max output of 400 lumens. The headlamp is compatible with both a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack and 2 AAA batteries. A porous and reflective headband strengthens this 80-gram headband with regards to comfort.


The most eye-catching of the camping lantern series is the multifunctional, rechargeable camping lantern, the CL26R, which is lightweight and fashionable. The CL26R features neutral white and red light sources, and in addition to micro USB charging and a magnetic top, the highlight of this camping lantern is its directional lighting function - the perfect solution to the problem of darkness below the lantern.



2. Tasmanian Tiger - German professional military and tactical equipment brand

Tasmanian Tiger is now being widely used by special forces and special police departments in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and other countries. In addition to new products, the well-received backpacks from the 9th CIEPE will be displayed as well this time.


3. Tatonka - German professional outdoor equipment brand

Tatonka's design emphasizes the balance between adapting to outdoor harshness and natural peace. Each of its backpacks has a high-performance carrying system that is tough and durable, thus distributing the burden evenly across users’ backs during their outdoor trips.


4. RUIKE - Professional outdoor knife brand

The LD Ranger series, star products of the RUKE brands, has captured a high degree of attention since its release. It is nicely designed with a fast opening and safe use, and is known for its versatile functionality.



The one with widest range of functions is the LD51, featuring a total of 23 functions. Each of the functions of the LD51 can be your right hand, whether outdoors or indoors. The tungsten steel glass breaker especially can assist you with an emergency escape at a critical moment, or in an outdoor rescue situation.


5. Activity

In addition to producing versatile and comprehensive products Fenix is also well-prepared with inspiring on-site activities.


Explore the world inside caves

On June 29, Fenix will invite China’s well-known cave explorer nicknamed Xiaocong to unveil the underground mystery.

Sharing speaker - Fenix sponsored adventurer Xiaocong’ (Liu Jia)

Although suffering from mild claustrophobia, she has been exploring this world for over 14 years, since 2004. She has now become a spearhead of China's cave exploration.


She loves traveling and various outdoor extreme sports. She performs outstandingly in various outdoor extreme sports fields, and has acquired demanding professional skills and qualities. She and her teammates explored the second deepest cave in China's vertical depth, but also promoted the secret of a hidden river this year. It is said that the dark downstream outlet is connected with the world's largest karst pit - Chongqing Fengjie Xiaozhai Tiankeng. A British team previously spent nearly 10 years in obtaining an answer to this, but failed to find one.


On the sharing site, visitors can enjoy not only the inspiring experience of the latest cave exploration, but also get the chance of winning headlamps highly recommended by Xiaocong’, and a host of other Fenix prizes.


About award winning tips

There are tips to be remembered for winning Fenix prizes:

1. Go to the site and scan the QR code to follow Fenix WeChat official account; listen to the sharing;

2. People who won't go to the sharing site can post questions on the @Fenix official Weibo account. One problem will be selected that will be answered by ‘Xiaocong’, and the poser will win a Fenix UC02 (message time ends at noon on the 19th);

3. Forward the Weibo Live streaming, titled Fenix Sponsored player Xiaocong’s Sharing Meeting, to get a chance to win a Fenix UC01 (3:00pm, June 29 - July 6)

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