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Annual highlight - Fenix new products displayed on 25th European Outdoor Trade Fair

Publish Time:2018-06-26

On June 17, the annual European Outdoor Trade Fair was grandly opened in Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany. Following on the successes of the ISPO in February and IWA in March, Fenix appeared once again at the German Outdoor Trade Fair.

The Outdoor Friedrichshafen is also called the European Outdoor Trade Fair, was established in 1994 and is an annual outdoor event for sport brands and products. This year will mark its 25 year birthday. As one of the worldwide professional outdoor exhibitions, Outdoor has now developed as the best in the European areas.


Professional outdoor brands and traders from all over the world gathered here. The four-day outdoor exhibition attracted numerous outdoor enthusiasts. As a high-end outdoor feast in the industry this exhibition showcased the latest and most cutting-edge products in many industries, and opened the door to a new world for professional outdoor sports enthusiasts. In the face of such a product feast, Fenix, an outdoor sports lighting brand that has always been adhering to “Lighting for Extremes”, was not to be outdone.


Fenix has appeared at the Outdoor exhibition many times, breaking through visually and technically again and again to bring new experiences to fans and outdoor enthusiasts. This year Fenix has made innovations on the basis of maintaining its steady style, and has left a deep impression on exhibitors.


The Fenix booth is still one of the most popular ones. This time Fenix didnt follow the same booth layout as before, with black being the predominant color in a very modern geometric outline - the grand and stylish design of which was highly praised by visitors. The colors and layout reflected the typical Fenix brand characteristics of solemnity and strength.

Fenix booth design

Fenix's products are guided by the needs of users and are born for harsh environments, which certainly leads the development of the industry. During this exhibition, Fenix displayed a complete range of products, including the innovatively designed cut-off line facula bicycle lights BC25R and BC35R, the very first Fenix multi-functional bicycle taillight, the BC05R, the hybrid spot- and floodlights headlamp, the HL18R, which is compatible with a Li-ion battery pack as well as AAA batteries. In addition to that, the camping lantern CP30R, a series of outdoor hunting flashlights and other outdoor products, attracted visitors attention as well. Everyone who loves the outdoors could find novel products here.

Prior to this exhibition, the Fenix HL18R headlamp had been anticipated by numerous outdoor lovers. The Fenix HL18R is an ultra-compact, lightweight and high-performance headlamp dedicated for hiking, running, searching, reading and camping. A porous headband and a weight of only 79g, an integrated molding process innovatively used in the body shell, lens, switch boot and the O-ring, and an ultralight weight which ensures that the headlamp remains comfortable even for long-lasting activities, are features that sets this headlamp apart from its competitors. Visibility is never sacrificed due to reflective lines on the headband, making the use of this headlamp safe and reliable. Headlamp charging is super convenient and compatible rechargeable Li-ion battery can be charged for 500 cycles, thus making it very environmentally friendly, however AAA batteries can be used as well. The Fenix HL18R features spot- and floodlights: the spotlight is very suitable for distant searching, while the floodlight is fit for wide-range illumination. The dual light sources are separately controlled by two easily operated switches, while a lock-out function avoids accidental activation. Made to be compact, lightweight and ready to accompany you on your adventures, the high-performance HL18R will light up every step of your way.


The Fenix BC25R is a lightweight, fashionable, urban commuting bicycle light. The innovative cut-off facula line guarantees safer cycling by not dazzling oncoming passengers or vehicles. A neutral white Cree XP-G3 LED with a max output of 600 lumens meets the needs of urban commuting. One-switch control, micro USB recharging, battery level indication, quick-release light mount, metal heat-dissipating structure, and IP66 rated protection make the BC25R a must-have for your commuting by bicycle.


When we look back on the road Fenix has traveled, Fenix has stumbled and failed along this whole journey, but in the end we succeeded in becoming an international lighting brand. We owe all of this to our Fenix family, without whom Fenix wouldnt have accomplished this. In future, lets pool our efforts together to chase after an even higher goal. We will never stop shining and lighting for extremes!

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