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Fenix escorted runners in Western States 100-mile Endurance Run

Publish Time:2018-07-03


The Western States 100-mile Endurance Run began at 8:00 p.m. on June 22. The starting point was the Squaw Valley where the 1960 Winter Olympics was held. A hundred miles (about 161km) long journey - story follows. Lets look at the highlights of the race.

Jim Walmsley again fought in the Western 100

People who care about off-road races are no strangers to Jim's name. In 2016 he became famous when he get lost along the route, making him lose the championship, but. In 2017, the tragedy repeated itself when he developed stomach discomfort half-way through the race and regrettably  had to retire. In this year’s race Jim adjusted his supply strategy to ensure his physical strength. He finished the race with a time of 14:30:04 and set a new track record. This latest achievement of Jim will become part of history.


Female racers were not excluded

The women's lineup had attracted much attention. Stephanie Howe, the former champion, suffered a decline in her physical condition after experiencing injuries, and was only able to achieve sixth place this year. Courtney Dauwalter, favorite for winning the championship this year, performed steadily and thus her win was once again no surprise. There were too many other stories that were worthy of mentioning, but these stories will be written in the long river of the history of this race.


Fenix received rave reviews for being the sponsor

As one of the oldest 100-mile cross-country events, and one of the ultimate goals of many long-distance runners, the Western States 100-mile always attracts the attention of many well-known brands. The Western States 100-mile track challenges the limits of the body, while Fenix pursues the ultimate outdoor lighting experience. Based on this high degree of overlap in value concepts, Fenix had the privilege of being the only headlamp sponsor in this event, escorting the runners at night.

The crowded Fenix headlamp stand


The conspicuous Fenix brand flag

In order to celebrate the perfect holding of this event and also to express support for the race enthusiasts, Fenix held an on-site giveaway of 20 headlamps. Fenix on-site staff found that not only are Fenix headlamps deeply loved by racing enthusiasts, but also that Fenix flashlights are considered a necessity for race runners on the road. Without doubt, this is consistent with Fenix’s spirit of craftsmanship and hard work.

Giving free headlamps to the runners

Runners write their own legends with sweat and persistence; and Fenix continues to create new glory on and off the stage in outdoor fields. Believing in the future, Fenix will continue to introduce new products based upon users’ amazing feedback. Fenix will never cease in its quest - in the pursuit of perfection and excellence!


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