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A Story Shared by an American Customer through His own Experience

Publish Time:2013-04-12

Recently, Fenix has got a short story from an American customer. It is about how he used a Fenix PD32 flashlight to help a young boy find his way in deep woods on occasional outings. At the end of the letter, we can see that he can’t help giving his compliments for Fenix flashlight. In order to protect the customer’s privacy, we will not public his name. The original letter is as follows (some words may be deleted):


Just wanted you to know, I received the second PD32-UE I ordered ahead of schedule- on Saturday! (The had predicted a Monday Delivery)    


I loaded it with two of the 8 CR123 you so kindly provided and hiked off into the Game Lands near our home at about 8:45 PM to test out the light on all modes.  Had I not received the light that day, I probably would not have gone out that late, but let me tell you it was Darn Good I did!  In the deep woods I was putting the PD32-UE through its paces and was amazed at how Burst mode really lit up the forest. When I turned it off for a moment I was surprised to see a tiny LED light flicker in the distance. It looked strange, and did not appear to be the usual group I meet that rides their dirt bicycles through the woods trying to kill themselves on sharp rocks, tree branches, and sink holes. I dropped to lowest power so as not to blind anyone.  After a long while they caught up to me. It was a kid about 18 years old with his dog who had gotten lost in the woods and had been wandering around for hours.  He was using the LED light on his iPhone to navigate the woods because he didn’t have a flashlight!! He only had 18% of his iPhone battery left when he saw my Flame Throwing PD32-UE shatter the darkness with Burst Mode. He said he was VERY relieved when he saw my light ignite the woods. After talking, I realized his car was parked several miles away and even I would have a hard time- even with the PD32-UE navigating selecting the right trails to get him there. In about 40 minutes I was able to lead him to a road that he knew that would guarantee he would find his car; and then I was able to navigate back to my quadrant and finish my hike.  I am pretty sure he will not be caught without a light again, and I am pretty sure it will be a Fenix since he was really impressed with its awesome power and lifesaving capabilities.  


PS: The PD32-UE is truly an AWSOME Light!!! Absolute Perfection! I am glad I ordered the second one after all!!!

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