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Fenix Sponsors for Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team

Publish Time:2013-05-08

Recently, Fenix has come to an agreement with Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team that it will become title sponsor for the team in 2013, and Fenix products will be the only designated lighting devices for them to use during the caving.

As a leading outdoor lighting brand, Fenix has been developing LED lighting tools with high performance, high reliability as well as exquisite craftsmanship to satisfy the customers’ pursuits for multi-functional and high-standard illuminating tools with its innovative lighting technology and solutions.

Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team is the only formal caving organization authorized by Chongqing Sports Bureau. Most of its team members are those of the committee on speleology of GSC (Geological Society of China). Not only have them explored hundreds of caves with abundant resources in the southwest areas in China, but also organized its team members to go to the hard-hit drought-stricken areas to search for the water source in the underground river so as to solve the civilians’ difficulties in drinking water.

Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team also has got the 4th outdoor Golden Rhino Awards- Best Team Award in China, which is the first outdoor caving team to win this honor at home.

It is the first attempt for Fenix to come to an agreement with Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team as a support for the development of the caving cause in China. And Fenix will continue to make such contributions to the popularization of non-governmental outdoor caving in China in the future.

A group photo of Fenix Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team (part of the members)

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