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Fenix Joins Hands with Summit Outdoor School for China’s Non-profit Outdoor Leadership Training Program

Publish Time:2013-07-30

Recently, the world-renowned outdoor sports lighting brand Fenix announced that it will help the Summit Outdoor School to carry on the nationwide “Non-profit Outdoor Leadership Training Program” during Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2013 in Nanjing, China.
An outdoor leader is the major participant and organizer as well as an important outdoor sports risk-taker in the outdoor sports activity. Not only do they have an important impact on the participant’s knowledge about the outdoor security, but also directly relate to the participants’ safety during their outdoor sports activities. The accidents have repeatedly occurred during the outdoor sports activity in recent years. Through the cooperation with the main network media, well-known outdoor clubs and excellent outdoor gear brands, The Summit Outdoor School has done some relevant non-profit training to the outdoor leaders, helping them enhance their safety awareness and master a good outdoor and leadership skill so that they can ensure their safety during the work and help more outdoor enthusiasts achieve their goals and gain good experiences. As an active outdoor sport advocate, Fenix will provide the necessary lighting devices for the trainees and the trainers for their night outdoor activities such as searching, rescuing, etc. to fulfill its dreams for nonprofit programs.
“Fenix has always been advocating the sports concept of ‘safe and happy outdoors’, which happens to coincide with the professional and safe outdoor training in Summit Outdoor School”. Fenix president Karrass Su said. “We appreciate the nonprofit outdoor training program that Summit Outdoor School has always been doing, and as the old saying goes that ‘many hands make light work’, we’ll do our little bit to help more outdoor enthusiasts with our reliable and professional outdoor lighting devices.

“I’m very glad that Fenix can provide the lighting devices for our leadership training program. As the most popular outdoor sports lighting brand, Fenix’s sponsorship for the training program can further improve the effectiveness and quality of our later training.” Sun Bin, a famous mountaineer and the principal of Summit Outdoor School said.

About Fenix

Fenix is a world-known outdoor sport lighting brand subordinated to Shenzhen Fenixlight Limited Company. Its products include flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, angle lights, etc., which have been sold to more than 100 countries around the world. Moreover, Fenix products have won the customers’ recognition and public praise around the world with its outstanding performance and reliable quality. Committing to the mission of innovating outdoor sports lighting and achieving users’ pleasing experience, Fenix aims to be one of the best outdoor lighting brand in the world.

About Summit Outdoor School

Summit Outdoor School is a leading Chinese outdoor sports training organization founded by the famous mountaineer Sun Bin in 2011. Adhering to the principle of “public interest first”, the school has been taking much efforts on promoting the “Safer & Faster” outdoor philosophy, and carrying out a series of nonprofit training programs such as aboriginal guide training, outdoor leadership training, training for outdoor associations from colleges and universities, and outdoor education curriculums for teenagers, adding up to a total of over 600 trainees.

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