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Fenix Shows its Strong Support for 8264 & Summit Outdoor School National Annual Meeting

Publish Time:2013-11-11

From1st to 3rd, Nov., 2013, the first 8264 & SummitOutdoorSchoolnational annual meeting was held in the beautifulFurong Town,Hunanprovince. More than 100 trainees from 8264 &SummitOutdoorSchoolgathered at the meeting. As one of the sponsors, Fenix also attended this grand annual meeting. 

Self-introduction of the leaders

During this annual meeting, the principal of Summit Outdoor School, Sun Bin, gave the lecture on “how to improve the service and extract the commercial value of the outdoor activity” and talked about how to lead a group safely and how to choose the route and achieve the perfect experience according to his own experience,which won the unanimous recognition of the leaders. Besides, the leaders exchanged their opinions and shared their own experiences on the practical issues such as the commercial outdoor and AA outdoor development based on

Guests’ oral presentations (from left to right, Fenix executive VP, Mr. Cen; General Manager of, Mr. Yang;  principal of Summit Outdoor School , Sun Bin; CEO of Alpine Yak Expedition Travel Corporation/ Mu Ye Inn, Xi Li)

The principal of Summit Outdoor School, Sun Bin, is giving the lecture on “how to improve the service and extract the commercial value of the outdoor activity”

Interactive communication between the leaders and the guests on the platform

In addition, the outdoor skills competition was organized during the annual meeting. Two men and a woman were chosen from the trainees to form a team. And there were three competition programs such as outdoor equipment competition, knots-tying competition and first-aid treatment competition, also there were folk songs to cheer for the competitors. Then the leaders also visited the red rock forest and experienced traversing the Long Gorge. And the supper was Tujia ox-head feast provided by the local people in Furong Town.

Outdoor skills competition among the leaders

Colorful recreational activities after the seminar

As one of the brand sponsors, Fenix has provided strong support for the annual meeting. Also as the leading outdoor sports lighting brand, Fenix has always been an active advocator and supporter of the outdoor sport. And it will continue to do its little bit to support for the outdoor sports industry as it always was in the near future.

The gifts that Fenix provides for this annual meeting

Fenix shows its strong support for 8264 & summit outdoor school national annual meeting

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