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  •  1. Review: Fenix BTR20 —By Francis Cebedo

    Summary: The Fenix BTR20 is a good light with a dual beam pattern coming out of one head. Using special lens optics, they are able to project a wide beam and a focused spot beam at the same time. This is great for cyclists as this is what’s really needed to see peripheral objects at low speed and the far away trail features at high speed.

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     2. Fenix BTR20 Review

     Summary:The BTR20, as shown in the beamshots, is a fairly powerful bike light. In cycling applications, it is a superb performer considering the different technologies that were integrated into the final product, from the well-thought out neutral white tint, to the specially engineered lens to put wasted light back on the road – this light seems to have been made from the ground up with the sole purpose of providing cyclists with a reliable and critical piece of equipment for when the sun goes down.

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    The Fenix BTR20 Bike Light builds on the BT platform with even greater output, power supply options and remote Turbo activation. Featuring the Dual Distance Beam system and neutral white output up to 800 lumens, the 18650-powered BTR20 allows easy battery exchange to keep rolling longer and stronger.


    ·Utilizes Cree XM-L(T6)neutral white LED, max 800 lumens output
    ·Instant Turbo with the remote pressure switch
    ·BA2B rechargeable battery pack, battery switch-out system
    ·Aspherical reflector with a wide beam angle 
    ·4 brightness levels and one flashing mode
    ·Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness
    ·Low power warning on the headlight
    ·Quick-attach O-ring mounting straps sized for 20mm-35mm handlebars 
    ·Easy, secure adjustment of the light’s direction
    ·Made of aluminum alloy and quality plastic

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