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  • 1. Review: Fenix BT20 Lights —by Greg Heil

    Author's opinion: It’s that time of year: if you don’t go night riding, you probably can’t ride your mountain bike after work during the week. So if you don’t have a light yet, you need to buy one anextend your season.

    Then he asked: “ But which light should you buy?


    Want to know his choice? Click HERE.

    2.User review Fenix BT20


    Summary:As you can see, to me you have a very useful beam pattern. A lot of light in-front of the bike and a good amount of throw so that you can see what is up ahead. My estimate is the amount of light thrown forward is usable to about 80ft. Having a second light should improve on this.

    For more details ,please click HERE.

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    BT20 is the world's first professional bike light which employs Dual Distance Beam System. It features broad floodlight, close-in visibility and long-range illumination. BT20 employs the neutral white LED  featuring the advantages of strong penetration power and good color rendering, which helps night riders better identify the color of objects and outdoor conditions, ensuring safety when mountain biking, touring, commuting, etc.


    · Dual Distance Beam System

    · User-friendly design

    · Quality components and materials

    · Wide compatibility


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