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TK Series
Tough and Powerful Flashlights 
Based on the design concept of “Tank -king of battlefield”, Fenix TK Series models come in with high output, extended reach, toughness and reliability, which not only satisfy your particular needs in hunting and searching, but also an unmatched choice for police, military and law enforcement personnel. 

PD Series
Portable and High Intensity Flashlights 
Fenix PD Series flashlights provide incredible performance with its exquisite designs and optimum size-to-output ratios. Whether it is for outdoor sports lighting or military and law enforcement, the PD Series models are your reliable partners anytime and anywhere.
LD Series
Professional Outdoor Flashlights
Oriented towards the outdoor professionals, Fenix develops its LD Series flashlights with exquisite and compact design, which can lessen the volume and reduce the weight to the largest extent. With various output levels and flashing function, the Fenix LD models can satisfy your various lighting needs in outdoor sports environments, making them to be the quality lighting devices for highly difficult professional outdoor sports activities.
E Series
Outdoor Flashlights  
Adhering to the design concept of “Every Day Carry + Easy to Use”, Fenix develops its E Series outdoor sports flashlights. Featuring simple and practical output levels, easy and fast operation, plus its highly reliable design such as waterproofness and impact-resistance, the Fenix E-series models are your indispensable lighting devices for outdoor sports activities and EDC. 

RC/UC Series
Powerful, Reliable, Rechargeable
Tough, strong, fully waterproof, environmental-friendly and low using cost, Fenix RC series recharging flashlight are quick to regain power using the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and draw strength from stationary AC and on-board vehicle charging stations. The charging operation is quite simple and convenient, which enables the RC series recharging flashlight to be your best choice when hunting, searching, rescuing, etc.  
MC Series

Fenix MC11 is a multifunctional angle light originally produced by Fenix. It is very convenient to adjust the illuminating angle and the brightness. MC11 can be used as L-shaped flashlight, camping light and headlamp, which can meet your various lighting needs. Offering 3 brightness levels and 2 flashing modes, waterproofing to IPX-8 Standard, MC11 must be your best choice for the multi-angle outdoor illumination with its convenience, exquisiteness and efficiency.

SD Series
The SD10 utilizes motion control technology to simplify the user-interface of diving lights. A simple shake of the light is all you need for output selection while the twisty ON/OFF switch is locked to prevent possible flooding by over turning. Powered by one 18650 or two CR123A batteries, this 100-meter submersible light puts out 930-lumen neutral white output with 300-meter beam distance.
FD Series
Twist the light head to achieve the innovative combination of spotlight for long-distance viewing and floodlight for up-close illumination. With the latest Cree XP-L HI LED, Fenix FD40 features 1000-lumen maximum output and 300-meter maximum beam distance, which only from one 26650 or one 18650 Li-ion battery.  This ultra-compact flashlight is tripod mountable and the six output modes including strobe function can cover your lighting demands for photographing, searching and camping. The stainless steel side switch with lock-out function ensures FD40 against accidental activation. 
SE Series
WF Seriese
WT Series

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