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HP Series
High Performance Outdoor Headlamps
Taking full advantage of modern lighting technology and creative design, Fenix successfully develops the HP series headlamps with outstanding performance. By using metal housing and constant brightness regulation circuit, Fenix HP series produce much brighter beam and offer more functions, longer runtime and better durability compared to the competitors. Waterproof rating up to IPX-8 standard, the Fenix HP models will satisfy your various lighting needs when searching, caving, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, etc.
HL Series

Lightweight Outdoor Headlamps
With exquisite appearance, excellent performance and wide-ranging output options, Fenix develops the HL Series with optimum weight-to-output ratios. Waterproof rating up to IPX-8 standard, the HL models pull high lumen output for outdoor hiking, jogging, climbing, camping and daily use, making you enjoy the real outdoor funs in various environments. 

HM Series

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