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Recently,Fenix has successfully developed a dual-beamsystem flashlight TK51 with ultra-high intensity that will be launched soon. Inorder to make ... [Details]
BT20 is the world's first professional bike light which employs Dual Distance Beam System. It features broad floodlight, close-in visibility and long-range illumination. BT20 employs the neutral white LED  featuring the advantages of strong penetration power and good color rendering.

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Warning: even more pic heavy than usual. This is the first Fenix light to use the popular Cree MT-G2 emitter. Interestingly, Fenix has chosen to update an existing build – the relatively compact ...
Recently my friends at Fenix, sent me one of their newest headlamps to try out, the new Fenix HP01. When I first got the headlamp, I couldn’t wait to try it out, as my other Fenix lights are aweso...
It’s that time of year: if you don’t go night riding, you probably can’t ride your mountain bike after work during the week. So if you don’t have a light yet, you need to buy one and extend your s...

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