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Fenix T5Ti Tactical Pen Review - The Urban Halberd

Publish Time:2017-11-23

Nowadays it is normal to save all appointments, the shopping list and important phone numbers in your smartphone. However, a simple notebook and the new Fenix T5Ti Tactical Pen are no longer frowned upon as "old school" in the eyes of my friends.


This hasn’t been the case until that memorable day when we all strolled over the folk festival. Came to meet two drunk guys who were looking to start a fight.


I wanted to call the police from my smartphone, but it slipped from my hands and - boom - there went the display.


This was the time to shine for my friend's little kubotan: Some targeted blows (that would put Jason Bourne to shame) kept the riot brothers in check until the hastily summoned security came running to deal with the situation.


Well, who could have done that with a cell phone?


That’s what Fenix, known for its tactical lights, thought to themselves and who have launched a brand new tactical pen in a noble titanium edition.


Today I want to give the Fenix Halberd T5Ti tactical pen a small test.


The halberd of urban heroes: The new Fenix T5Ti Tactical Pen



 Material: TC4 titanium alloy

 Length 13,8 mm

 Diameter: 12.5 mm

 Weight: 40 g without mine

 with unique serial number

 Price: ca. EUR 74,90 (as of Nov 21, 2017)


Self-defense meets smooth design



The elegant look of the T5Ti is the smart addition to the daily office EDC setup.


Available in colors


 “Space Gray” (matte, metallic-gray, black lead),

 “Storm Blue” (shiny, blue-gold, blue lead)

 and “”Aurora Purple (shiny, purple, black lead)


You can choose the tactical pen that suits your personal style.


Personally, I chose “Space Gray” because I found the color accents of the other pens too intrusive.


In my opinion, the color palettes of the “Storm Blue” and “Aurora Purple” models attract too much attention.


A tactical pen should rather be an inconspicuous defensive instrument, right?


The metallic-gray “Space Gray” model, on the other hand, looks good in outdoor as well as in tactical environments.


The T5Ti even completes a professional business outfit as a valuable accessory, just as the high-strength titanium body makes this tactical pen an effective weapon for self-defense in very close quarters.


Besides being used as a self-defense tool and pen, the Fenix tactical pen can become a lifesaver when used as a glass breaker (more on that later).


A pen body made of TC4 titanium alloy




The titanium alloy TC4 is characterized by higher toughness than aluminum and stainless steel. This can decisively strengthen its stability in extreme situations.


The Fenix T5Ti Pen weighs 40 grams without a lead and it’s 13.8 inches long - the size of a regular ballpoint pen.


Despite the seemingly light weight ‘on paper’, you immediately feel the power dormant in it when you take the Fenix Tactical Pen in your hand.


By comparison - a normal ballpoint pen weighs only 15g on average (that includes the lead).


Titanium is corrosion resistant and lightweight, making it the preferred building material in the aerospace industry.


Computer-controlled CNC machining makes every detail of the T5Ti perfect and accurate, which you notice in the smooth-running threads.


The fitted middle grip area is covered with tightly milled grooves for non-slip handling and increased stability. If necessary, makeshift levers or turning tools can be constructed with the cutouts in the cap.


The tactical end is chamfered, which makes it easier to perforate materials due to the reduced frictional resistance of the surface - or the arm of an attacker (Jason Bourne sends his regards - Ouch!).




The separately inserted tungsten tip is an uncomplicated and reliable tool for defense or tactical attack.


In emergencies, the hardened strike bezel shatters car windows to quickly rescue victims or dehydrated dogs from the vehicle.


The cap




Remarkably stable, with two screws holding the clip, the cap runs completely straight through its solidly shaped tip.


Proof of originality is provided by the serial number on the cap tip, which allows you to register your Tactical Pen online on the Fenix website.




The cap is securely screwed on. At the foot of both threads each provides a rubber O-ring for smooth, tight completion of both components.




This connection is the best insurance against widening and losing.


Tip: If you are bothered by the fact that the Tactical Pen feels different every time because of the clip - just unscrew it!


Schmidt Refills Mega Line P950M Gas Pressure Mine




The exclusive T5Ti Tactical Pen also stands out in its writing function. It fits a Schmidt Refills Mega Line P950M gas pressure mine which is included when you buy your Fenix T5Ti.


If you can, get a Fisher one, they’re generally a better choice.


To change the mine, the thread must be turned clockwise. You can choose between black or blue ink.


More on the specifics of the lead later.


Writing with a relatively heavy pen may seem strange at first, but think of the cyclist who switches to a motorcycle: once used to a standard, you can never go back.




Pro Fenix T5Ti


+ Tungsten tip on titanium shaft

+ high quality CNC milling

+ Elegant, unobtrusive design on the Space Gray model


Contra Fenix T5Ti


- thin shaft makes writing difficult

- expensive gas pressure mine

- Model in blue and purple too cheesy


What exactly is the Fenix T5Ti?


The Tactical Pen is the multifunctional evolution of the kubotan, with the writing function being primary.


Therefore, the Fenix T5Ti does not count as a weapon and can be bought legally and carried in public in Germany.


Who is the Tactical Pen for?






The bulky titanium pen in normal pen-size is especially popular with women. In emergencies, it is held across your closed fist and your thumb is placed on top to ward off an attacker with quick stabs and blows.


Due to the comparatively low weight, the Tactical Pen can be guided very well. Its principle is the pressure amplification, which aims at physical weak points:





 or wrists


are attack points, which give the attacker a hellish pain flash.


Attention: Get used to putting the cap of the Fenix Halberd on the tactical pen! This is important for 2 reasons:


1. Only then can you put your thumb on the head of the cap and hold the Tactical Pen securely. Otherwise, it will slip out of your hand immediately upon impact.

2. You will never lose the cap.


To be exact, defending with a tactical pen requires certain physical strength, speed and, above all else - proper training.


In order to be able to react in a right manner, every user should attend a self-defense course or at least watch corresponding videos on the internet.


Many users leave a tactical pen in their car so they can immediately use the glass breaker in the event of an accident.


General benefits of a tactical pen


+ Versatile use as a tool and pen

+ a big power amplifier (for women and men)

+ legal




- can cause serious injury

- Disarming possible in close combat

- Use requires concentration and training


Writing with the T5ti




No ordinary lead, but a "writing module" forms the writing heart of the T5Ti. What is required is a Schmidt P950 Mega Line gas pressure mine.


In the interior of these hermetically sealed large-capacity refineries, there is overpressure: The ink, developed especially for the gas pressure system, writes at any angle, overhead and underwater.


The yield of the Schmidt gas pressure mine is three times higher than a conventional refill mine: you can use it to draw a 6000 meter long line.


Equally tailored to extreme conditions, the applicable temperature range is between -35 ° C and 120 ° C: police, divers, geocachers and astronauts can take notes on paper (or plastic, metal, glass and stone).


This is simply not comparable to a normal ballpoint pen: in my Fenix Tactical Pen Test I wrote with the T5Ti on glass, roughened plastic and metal.


And while a normal ballpoint pen dies off pretty quickly when writing head over, the Fenix Halberd goes on and on.


For most people that’s certainly just a fun gimmick, but in the professional environment it’s a welcome alternative to the good old pencil.


More records to be broken?



Yes - on the Rockwell hardness scale!


The tactical tip of the T5Ti is made of tungsten steel, whose enormous hardness on the Rockwell A scale reaches a value between 89 - 92.5 HRC.


By comparison - high-end carbon steels and damask knives go up to 64 HRC.


The iron-tungsten alloy also provides increased heat resistance, whereby the sharp tip does not wear when working with hard materials.


Tungsten steel is valued in the industry as a tool steel and used to process other metals.


Conclusion - Fenix T5Ti Halberd


The Fenix T5Ti Tactical Pen is truly something special: it exudes functionality and class.


Three color variations cleverly conceal the self-defense part of the Fenix Halberd.


With this titanium pen, Fenix presents an excellent gift idea that appeals to a wide audience from tactical enthusiasts and professionals to businessmen.


-Tanja Wegner

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