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2013 Fenix Sponsorship Campaign “Illuminating the Night Outdoors” in Full Swing (finished)

Publish Time:2013-05-13

Far away from the bustling cities, Mother Nature shows her own unique charm when darkness falls. Therefore, nowadays, more and more people tend to choose the outdoor sports lifestyle so that they can get close to the nature to feel the comfort, mystery and quietness of the night outdoors. Meanwhile, high quality lighting devices are required to bring more pleasant experiences and safety for those outdoor sports lovers at night.  Thus, Fenix is going to initiate the plan for sponsoring the 2013 “illuminating the night outdoors”. 

If your team has such plans for night outdoor sports activities in 2013, then chances are that you may apply for some Fenix products and souvenirs yourself and become our sponsorship target for the activity “Fenix illuminating the night outdoors”.

The range of the sponsorship activities: including but not limited to night climbing, camping, hiking or cross country at night, night running, etc.

Qualifications for the entries

1).The entries shall be the organized teams, and their activities shall include the night outdoor part.

2).The number of a team shall be no less than 5. Besides, it shall be an influential and sustainable activity in the local area.

3).The applicant shall be active in media platforms such as well-known outdoor forums and he /she would like to share the activity on such platforms after it.

4).The recipients shall provide some feedbacks of high quality materials including but not limited to pictures, videos to Fenix for publicizing.

The sponsorship setting

1).Each team will get six free trial products and an accessory(e.g.HL30, HL10, LD22, PD32, HP25 , AOD-M/AOD-S. etcto use in the activity;

2).Each team will get a Fenix flag and 15 reflective bands;

3).We will choose four of the best sharing teams and give each team flashlights/headlamps worth 350 USD as prizes.

Note: Only one team with one type of outdoor activity will be selected in each city.

Registration time:

From May, 1st, 2013 to May, 1st, 2014

( We'll release the list of those who have registered successfully every quater.)

Registration website:

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