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Fenix 2014 Sponsorship Campaign – “Illuminating the Night” On the Way

Publish Time:2014-06-25

As one of the top outdoor brands in the world, Fenix is always focused on developing high quality and reliable lights for the sports industry.  We know that safety is very important for all outdoor enthusiasts, which is why we aim to make the best lighting products in the industry.

In order to spread the word about our high quality lighting products, Fenix is announcing a new sponsorship program for 2014 – “Illuminating the Night.”  Whether you are an experienced trail veteran or an outdoor sports novice, Fenix wants to fulfill your lighting needs so you can share your experience with the world.  If you or your team has plans for a sports activity or adventure, you can apply for Fenix products including flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights. 

Activities that would qualify for sponsorship include (but are not limited to): hiking, boating, hunting, camping, biking, rock climbing, distance running, etc.  We look forward to sharing your adventures!

1. Entry Qualifications


1.1 Outdoor sports enthusiasts with at least one upcoming project/expedition that will require use of lighting devices such as flashlights, headlamps, or bike lights.

1.2 Applicants should have an active online presence in forums or other platforms with a wide audience and have the ability to share their experience within their communities.  Applicants must keep a certain post frequency as determined by Fenix.  Fenix will give priority to those who have previous experience reviewing outdoor gears.


2. Sponsorship Setting


2.1 Products available for sponsorship will include (but are not limited to):

Flashlights: TK51, TK35, TK22, TK15, PD35, PD32, LD41, LD22, E35, E25
Headlamps: HP30, HP25, HP01, HL55,HL50,HL30, HL22, HL10
Bike Lights: BC30,BC20,BTR20, BT20, etc

Camping Lantern: CL20.

Applicants should specify the quantity and model they would like, and Fenix will determine the final approval based on the applicant’s activity.

2.2 Applicants will also receive free gifts like Fenix reflective bands and stickers.


3. How to Enter

3.1 Visit the official Fenix website ( and fill out the application form for the Fenix 2014 “Illuminating the Night” campaign.

3.2 You will be contacted by Fenix staff for further information regarding your application, if necessary.

3.3 If your sponsorship is approved, the merchandise will be sent out by Fenix staff.

3.4 Complete your outdoor activity using your Fenix merchandise and share your experience using text, photos, and/or videos.  Content must include but is not limited to Fenix brand products.

3.5 Send links of your posts to Fenix staff.

3.6 Every 3 months, Fenix will select one person or team as “Star of the Quarter.”  The “Star” will be announced on Fenix’s official website and Facebook page, and the “Star” will also receive a new Fenix product as a reward.


4. Registration:

Applications will be accepted from April 20th, 2014 to April 20th, 2015



5. Entries Announcement:

New entries will be announced on the Fenix website and Facebook page on the first Wednesday of every month.


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