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As the proverb says "Improvement roots from dissatisfaction", the establishment of FenixLight Limited also roots from "dissatisfaction". A group of young men, passionate about high quality illumination tools, grew increasingly unsatisfied with the amount of mediocre flashlights on the market, inferior tools with substandard construction and poor attention to detail.
Dissatisfied by the lighting products available at the time, the young men set out to make world class illumination tools. Seeking help, they organized a group of professional engineers to head their machining, electronics and design departments and together they founded FenixLight Limited. The marriage between ingenuity and craftsmanship help create Fenix's legendary lights, tools that are held in high regard all over the world. 
Oriented by the core values of integrity, innovation, cooperation and efficiency and the unique talent policy, Fenix has cooperated with Sun Yat-sen University, Jinan University and Zhaoqing Science and Technology Polytechnic which will help Fenix develop rapidly.

To advocate the life and work concept of  positive, healthy, optimistic and sport, Fenix has established Fenix Club and 4 sport teams: football team, basketball team, badminton team, outdoor sport team which took part in Shenzhen Hundred Kilometers, Vasque Gore-Tex Shenzhen  Cross-Country Mountain Race,  CS, Cross –country, camping, Illuminating Shenzhou, etc. By this, it can richen the staff’s life and build up a harmonious team.

Fenix takes to help the society as the core driving force and ultimate target. During the ten-year development, Fenix has founded his own charity fund and donated in many disasters, such as Wenchuan Earthquake (Sichuan Province), Typhoon Morakot  (Taiwan), Earthquake in eastern Japan, Chile mine disaster, Fenix also helps the poverty-stricken mountain areas, such as in Yao nationality autonomous regions, etc. Fenix has carried out  his own promise by action.


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