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Jia Liu  
Member of the speleology committee of GSC (Geological Society of China).Ten-year experience of caving, main team member of the Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team and technique coach.Join with the foreign caving team for caving exchanges several times. With the deepest record up to 841m, the media including paper media and TV media both at home and aboard have reported her, and the Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team she is working with have got the China's outdoor Golden Rhino Awards-Best Team Award in 2010.
Fields that she does well in: caving, climbing snow mountains, rock climbing, long-distance riding, floating
Occupation: logistics management in Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team.
Footprint: everywhere except inner Mongolian in China, nowhere except Nepal at aboard.
Reflections: have enough self-confidence but not go with the crowd, and perfect ourselves during the relative isolations.

Fenix product experience
The darkness in the caves is the true darkness that you can not imagine. Since there are so many unknown dangers in the darkness, a good flashlight with reliable performance or a headlamp with clear vision can be the key factor to get over the difficulties.
You can live without food and drink when lost in the way, but without light, it will be difficult for you to be off the hook. While Fenix products have been a trustworthy partner during my caving experience with its excellent quality whether it is cave photographing or lighting for the caving.
Now it's my great honor to recommend Fenix products to my friends.
Main activities
[Caving]An unforgettable caving experience in Yulong cave 2013/8/26
Exploring the Tiankeng on May Day 2013/8/26
Fire and ice- Fenix Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team’s caving experience for science research 2013/8/26
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