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Several grip methods of using firearms with the tactical flashlights

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Chi Lee  
Hobby: Firearms
Occupation: IT
Achievements: As a general designer, he has designed many computer systems for the well-known international enterprises. While as an amateur, he loves peace very much although he wastes millions of bullets on average each year.
Reflections: "Military forces are to be used only for the maintenance of peace and order". We must have enough power and strength, if we would like to gain a footing in the foreign countries. Peace is in our own hands.

Fenix product experience
As a self-defense device attached to the firearms, the first important factor of the tactical flashlight is its reliability. While Fenix tactical flashlights give me this kind of feeling. The designs of the flashlights are quite simple and not inferior to the international famous brand. And it's worthwhile to buy it with its high cost performance.


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The China-made tactical flashlights in North America 2013/8/28
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Carlos Serrano

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