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Several grip methods of using firearms with the tactical flashlights

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The China-made tactical flashlights in North America  
According to the statistic data from FBI, over 80% of the shooting incident takes place at night or in darkness. Therefore, there is no doubt that the practicality of tactical flashlights is growing more important in these environments. In fact, tactical flashlights are playing an important role in the modern CQB practical shooting. Since the shock of the flame and noise from using firearms at night or in a close environment is greater than that in the open area during the daytime. And for those getting used to practicing shooting in the daytime, it will be a really impressive experience to do it at night. This article aims at introducing several common ways to mount the tactical flashlight to the firearms rather than how to use the tactical flashlight to work with the firearms at night or in the darkness environment. Besides, I will introduce something about the Chinese tactical flashlights in America. The tactical flashlights have taken up a great share in the foreign market, and many people would rather bring such a flashlight instead of a gun on a street. In fact, tactical flashlight can be used as a lighting device for outdoor traveling except attaching it to the arms. The head of the flashlight is very tough and it can be used as a safeguard weapon since it can break the glass into pieces in emergencies. And as the light is of high-intensity device, if you shine it directly into the other’s eyes, its strong beam can result in a short-term blindness of the opponent and let you get the chance to escape from where you are.As we all know, there are a great number of tactical flashlight manufacturers in North America. Surefire, Pelican, Streamlight, to name just a few, are the most world-famous brands. Surefire even invests a lot in the publicity expenses every year. However, among these top brands, the Chinese brand Fenix has unexpectedly ranked top six of the flashlight sales list Of course, cost effectiveness is a key factor, but excellent product quality is also quite important.  
The Chinese self-owned brand Fenix tactical flashlight RC10 mounting to the shotgun KEL-TEC KSG 12G. The flashlight can be directly plugged into the additional car charger for recharging without taking out the batteries.  Quite cool! 
Utilizing XP-G LED from Cree Company headquartered in North Carolina State, U.S.  with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.
Unfortunately, Fenix only has such kind of metal ring that needs an auxiliary tool to attach it to the firearms.  It is quite important to provide various kinds of externally-mounted configurations to satisfy the gun fans’ need in North America.
Four brightness levels with max 380 Lumens  Turbo (380 Lumens ),High (140 Lumens), Mid (40 Lumens )and Low(5 Lumens). It is quite bright in the daytime. The gun mount needs an auxiliary tool to fix the flashlight to the gun, which limits the mobility of the flashlight.

The flashlight RC10 belongs to the mid-range flashlight (the max output of RC40 is 3500 Lumens and its price is more than twice of that.

Chargers included in the packaging.
The following is the entry level TK15 with a relatively cheaper price and simpler packaging. It utilizes Cree XP-G (S2) LED, max 400 Lumens.

KSG shotgun with China-made Fenix flashlight and M4 carbine with Larue Battle Light.
Larue tactical flashlight is easy to attach and detach without using any other tools.

Recently I have used too much bullets, but fortunately, I get the hang of it and bought thousands of 9mm bullets.

Easy to attach and detach.

Tactical flashlight utilizing CREE LED.

The hero, Chinese Type 56 semi-automatic rifle has come on the stage, and with the super magnet, the tactical flashlight can be attached to the old gun.

The Chinese Type 56 semi-automatic rifle with the magazines, isn't it very tactical?



The tactical light holder with super magnet can accommodate the Fenix TK15.

A group photo.

The two bright-colored flashlights are surely not tactical flashlight, just bargains from the market for your contrast.  

Car charger for Fenix RC10, convenient for the flashlight to be recharged on the go. 
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The China-made tactical flashlights in North America 2013/8/28

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