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[Caving]An unforgettable caving experience in Yulong cave  
Words edited by Zheng Kai.
Pictures provided by: The team members.
Place: Yulong Cave and Moonlight Cave in Tiankeng at Si Jiaqian in Dudu Town,Fengdu county, Chongqing city.
Caving cycles: three days in the first time, five days in the second time, ten days in the third time.
Organization: Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team Participants
First time: Zheng Kai, Aron, Luo Luo, Li Maoxin, Yibian, Xueqi, Qin Yong; and then the little stone, Li Dayi, etc.
Second time: Zheng Kai, Aron, Luo Luo, Wang Mingwei, Douzi (from Guangdong); then Yang Zhi, Mr.&Mrs.902, Li Maoxin, Qin Yong, Liufeng, etc.
Third time: Yang Zhi (leader), Zheng Kai, Li Maoxin (a scientist),Wang Mingwei (a caving photographer), Qin Yong;
Assistants: Mr.Liao and Mr. Zhu, the Dudu Township chiefs, the friends from Fengdu Travel Bureau and Travel Administration Committee, the master of the cave, Li Qunquan and Liu Jun.
Distance: 20 kilometers or so according to the rough estimates .
Types of caves: Tiankeng +Calcium carbonate karst cave +Calcium sulphate karst cave.

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[Caving]An unforgettable caving experience in Yulong cave 2013/8/26
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