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Exploring the Tiankeng on May Day  
From the broad sense of climbing, caving is an item of it. It has much in common with rock climbing and mountaineering regarding technology or strategies.
The types of rock climbing can be roughly divided into sports climbing, traditional climbing , Free Solo climbing, etc. while caving has SRT and DRT, and recently there is a NRT(Non-rope Technology, are you kidding?).Just as sports climbing, I choose SRT when I am caving. Both are common ways people usually use.
Like mountaineering, I prefer a small team to explore the caves quickly rather than a large team to siege the caves. In this way, we can reduce the noise and better come to a unanimous opinion. In my opinion, one's operation inspiration is better than more people’s skills. Most importantly, the efficiency is very high.
We have tried to cooperate with the partners during the caving on May Day. It has been found that it is most efficient when caving with two skilled pioneers, and they can almost finish the whole caving process (including photographing, measuring, and laying ropes), but the workload is limited by the place and depth of the cave.

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[Caving]An unforgettable caving experience in Yulong cave 2013/8/26
Exploring the Tiankeng on May Day 2013/8/26
Fire and ice- Fenix Chongqing Outdoor Caving Team’s caving experience for science research 2013/8/26

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